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Quote1 My dream here drive out every Titan in Titan in the whole world! Quote2
— Eren introduces himself in class

The Suckiest Titan (アマガミの巨人 Amagami no Kyojin?) is the 2nd chapter of the 1st volume and the 2nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


During roll-call, Eren proclaims that his dream is to rid the school from all Titans; he is then mocked by everyone except Mikasa, and almost fights with Jean. As Mikasa tries to get them to befriend Eren, Eren comes across the Titan from earlier in the day.


Eren wishes to drive out all the titans

Eren wishes to drive out all Titans

During roll-call, the teacher notices that one student, Armin Arlert, is missing and marks him absent. He then welcomes the students to school and asks them all to introduce themselves, as well as any dreams they might have. Mikasa notices that Eren is about to say something when Sasha asks Mikasa if she has any food. Eren stands up and is called on; he then declares his dream is to drive out all the Titans from the school, and then the world. While his classmates mutter to themselves, the teacher calls it an extreme goal and looks for a student "who is not a future skinhead;" Jean stands up and says his dream is to have a peaceful life at school. Eren and Jean start yelling at each other and nearly come to blows, but Marco tells them to stop.

Later that afternoon, Mikasa reminds Eren that every time he talks about Titans, his classmates ridicule him. Eren brushes her concerns aside, being content as a loner; Mikasa says that if Eren does not have any friends at this period of life, he will not be able to build the character he needs later in life.

Titan puts Eren in its mouth

The Titan Eren tried stealing from puts him in its mouth

Eren runs off, yelling at Mikasa for lecturing him. She goes to Sasha, but the latter insults Mikasa for not giving her food earlier. She broadens her search for possible friends for Eren but none of his classmates show much interest. Meanwhile, Eren is practicing shadow boxing when he spots the Titan whose undergarment he stole earlier. The Titan puts Eren in its mouth and starts sucking; eventually, it spits Eren back out on the ground. Mikasa runs over and takes it down with a kick. Eren eventually comes to believing it was a dream. Mikasa insists that Eren put himself in harm's way for the sake of everyone; everyone present stammers that it is true. Reinvigorated, Eren is finally accepted by his peers.

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