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The Titan's Son arc is the first story arc of the Attack on Titan prequel series, Before the Fall.


The story begins with two soldiers, Sorum Hume and Carlo Pikale, overlooking the damage done during a recent attack by several Titans, resulting in the deaths of many people. They notice that one of the victims, who was pregnant, is still moving and they find her baby alive; they believe it to be the spawn of one of the Titans. Years later, the near feral boy is sold to a high-ranked family as a slave. The boy forms a friendship with the daughter of the household, Sharle, and both plot to escape the wrath of her brother, Xavi. During an attack by the Titan Cult on the Inocencio home, Xavi mistakenly believes Kuklo led them here and after killing the cultists, blinds Kuklo but gets incapacitated. Then, Sharle agrees to leave with Kuklo and the two escape towards Shiganshina District.


Cover Number Title Release date
1 The Titan's Son
 (巨人の子 Kyojin no Ko?)
September 28, 2013
Before the Fall - Chapter 1 CoverSorum Humé and Carlo Pikale are in the remnants of Wall Maria. They find the Garrison dealing with a robed group of people. Elena is part of the group, who orders they open the gate. The group chants her statement until the soldiers do as they say. Eventually, the gate opens and a Titan emerges from the space. It takes over the town and eats every human in sight. Later, the military performs a sweep of said district to prevent disease spreading. Sorum and Carlo are among them, however, they ponder why the Titan is nowhere to be seen. Carlo suggests it had enough of eating. The two find a large pile of Titan vomit with the dead bodies it has regurgitated, and Elena is among those dead bodies inside the vomit. They hear noises coming from her body, so they cut open her womb and find a human baby. Nonetheless, the baby is branded as the "Titan's Son" following the events of being born inside a Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
2 Her Determination
 (覚悟の少女 Kakugo no Shōjo?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 2 CoverDario Inocencio buys Kuklo as a slave. A while later, Kuklo sits in a cell at the bottom of the Inocencio's estate. He is given to Xavi, who will abuse him on a daily basis as a form of preparation for when he joins the Military. That night, Sharle lies in her bed clutching her knife to her chest, scared of Kuklo's presence.

The Inocencio family travel up Wall Maria, where Sharle shows interest to the outside world. Xavi spots a Titan and Sharle deduces that they should not be allowed to live. She is determined to kill Kuklo because of his identity as the Titan's Son.

Cover Number Title Release date
3 Moonlit Oath
 (月下の約束 Gekka no Yakusoku?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 3 CoverSharle makes her way to Kuklo's cell, where she holds her knife towards him but her knife slips out of her hand. Kuklo helps her retrieve it and uses it to stab himself. Sharle begins to have doubts if Kuklo is really a Titan's child due to Kuklo's ability to speak. Furthermore, Kuklo begins to express pain from food deprivation. Sharle helps him out by giving him food to eat. Sharle asks for his name and they exchange introductions. Sharle pays Kuklo occasional visits, teaching him about the outside world. She shows that her fear had blossomed into newfound comfort towards Kuklo. Kuklo becomes curious about Sharle's findings and Sharle is resolute on showing him. However, Kuklo is chained up and not permitted to leave the household, so he develops a plan for his sweat, blood, and urine to corrode his chains.

Two years later, Sharle reveals what her family has in store for her. Kuklo urges Sharle to leave with him and reassures her.

Cover Number Title Release date
4 Stormy Night
 (嵐の夜 Arashi no Yoru?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 4 CoverA hooded visitor enters Kuklo's cell and is keen on releasing him from his binds using a blood-stained sword. Kuklo becomes startled, concerned if the figure used his sword against Sharle. Kuklo breaks free from his cell in a fit of rage and steals the stranger's robes. Running around, he finds that Dario Inocencio had already been killed and tries to locate Sharle. He discovers that she is under attack by the Titan Cult worshipers, being protected by Xavi. When Kuklo subdues the worshipers, Xavi accuses him of being at fault. Xavi slashes his sword at Kuklo's face, disabling his right eye. With all that has occurred, Sharle finally decides to leave with Kuklo.

Elsewhere, Carlo Pikale wonders how Elena's son is doing.


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