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Quote1.png The hard part's over! Whoever's next, bring them on! Quote2.png
— Class 4 defeats Class 3

The Titan Always Rings Twice (ふざけた巨人は2度姿を現す Fuzaketa Kyojin wa 2-do Sugatawoarawasu?) is the 5th chapter of the 1st volume and the 5th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Armin proposes Jean pass himself off as Eren to try and fool the other team (as well as Mikasa so she can play.) Class 3 sees through this and is about to notify the teachers when Eren finally arrives. Class 3 and 4 have an intense back and forth match and Class 4 wins, with Eren eliminating Annie.


Jean being passed off as Eren

Realizing that he has overslept, Eren frantically runs all the way to school. Meanwhile, Armin volunteers Jean to take Eren's place on the team as a substitute; Jean protests when Armin claims that, aside from being taller, he is identical to Eren. Annie returns to her team, who ask where she was at. Bertolt informs them of a rumor that Eren is not in attendance; Annie then thinks back to Armin's claim that he is in the restroom and runs over to address Class 4. Eren almost reaches the school but discovers a Titan blocking the route in and decides to go around.

After the others dress Jean up as Eren, Armin and Sasha claim he is a dead ringer for Eren and could possibly even fool Mikasa; as Sasha goes to tell her Eren's here, Mikasa claims she cannot sense Eren's ki and refuses to move. Annie, Bertolt and Reiner then arrive and Annie repeats the rumor that Eren never came to school that day. Sasha rebukes by pointing to Jean. Unsure if it is really Eren or not, Annie asks Jean what his favorite food is; Jean responds that food is for plebs. Annie goes to inform the teachers of this when Eren finally arrives. He insults Jean for trying to pass himself off as Eren and Mikasa sits up and runs over to him. She sternly says he should not be late, and Eren claims the batteries in his alarm clock went dead. Despite Eren finally arriving, Annie still resolves to crush Class 4.

Mikasa tries to eliminate Annie

The match finally begins and both sides experience several close eliminations. Mikasa nearly eliminates Annie, who catches the ball and takes out Armin. Eren catches a throw from Reiner and is told he is the deciding factor whether they go to the next round. He aims at Annie and in the final seconds she tries to dodge but gets hit in the leg, giving Class 4 the win. Reiner expresses surprise that they lost, and Annie goes to Eren and says she will still defeat him someday. Eren proclaims they will win the next round no matter what, but they are quickly decimated by the other team which consists solely of Titans.

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