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The Town Knows Him as a Ladies Man (マチでウワサのモテ野郎 Machi de uwasa no mote yarō?) is the 4th side story of the 7th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Much to the surprise and shock of both Xavi and Sharle, it is announced the latter has been engaged to another student at school named Cardina. Xavi does not take the news well; neither does Kuklo when Sharle tells him of it the following day. With both Xavi and Kuklo upset over the announcement, what is going to happen when all three meet up face to face?


One morning, Sharle and Xavi's father announces that Sharle has been given a fiancé: Cardina Baumeister. Although he admits that he has never met him before, their father is confidant Cardina will make Sharle happy. Xavi, knowing that Cardina is famous in class and is always surrounded by girls, vows to keep them apart.

The next day, Xavi confronts Cardina and warns him to stay away; Cardina brushes the threat aside along with concerns from his fans, proclaiming his heart will always be free even if he is engaged to be married. Frustrated and upset, Xavi makes a poor attempt at an insult and runs away crying.

Sharle meets with Kuklo at school and tells him what it means to be promised to another for marriage; infuriated by this, Kuklo stands up and he too proclaims that Sharle does not belong to Cardina. He goes off to confront Cardina, vowing to give "many shoves to this fee on say!"

Both Xavi and Kuklo obtain weapons and arrive to confront Cardina; seeing the other there, they get into a verbal shouting match that is broken up by Cardina. Kuklo is surprised by the appearance of Cardina while Xavi lunges towards him; even Cardina offering to break the engagement off does not sway Xavi from attacking. Kuklo shoves him aside and, with some trouble, Cardina realizes he is here also because of Sharle's engagement. They are able to eventually get a peaceful resolution to this while Xavi tries again to attack Cardina, only to miss once more.

Frustrated beyond belief that Cardina is more popular than himself, Xavi targets the girls and Cardina (who stepped in front of them to take the blow) only for Kuklo to grab the sword; he says injuring Cardina will not make him popular and punches Xavi away when he talks back. Cardina thanks Kuklo and asks for his name, much to the latter's and the girls' confusion; the next day, Cardina joins Kuklo and a bewildered Sharle while Xavi looks at them behind a tree, seething in anger.

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