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This article is about the 101st chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the member of the Nine Titans formerly in the possession of the Lara Tybur, see War Hammer Titan.

Quote1.png The War Hammer...what power!! It made easy work of the Attack Titan!! The War Hammer has won!! Quote2.png
— Koslow marvels at the power of the War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan (戦鎚の巨人 Sentsui no Kyojin?) is the 3rd chapter of the 25th volume and the 101st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Eren Yeager in his Attack Titan form eats Willy Tybur's corpse and proceeds to massacre the festival attendees, as Colt Grice and Gabi Braun take refuge from the human stampede by hiding behind a piece of debris; but Udo is crushed by the fleeing crowd after attempting to rescue Zofia's body. Lara Tybur reveals herself as the true holder of the War Hammer Titan and starts battling the Attack Titan, quickly taking the upper hand by impaling it with a spear that it made appear from the ground, as Theo Magath orders his men to get ready for the battle.

Meanwhile, Pieck Finger and Porco Galliard are rescued from the underground trap and informed about the ongoing events, but decide to observe the situation for a bit before joining the struggle and witnessing the appearance of the Survey Corps heading towards the battle zone. The Attack Titan breaks free from the spear but is immobilized by the intense fire of the Marley artillery and then beheaded by the War Hammer Titan. Emerging from the headless body of his Titan, Eren is asked by his opponent for his final words, but he gives Mikasa Ackerman the signal to enter the combat. In a surprise attack, Mikasa fires Thunder Spears at the War Hammer Titan's neck as other Survey Corps members ambush the Marleyan soldiers. Eren thanks Mikasa for coming for him, and Mikasa asks him to come home.


Eren throws himself towards the crowd

After killing Willy, Eren in his Attack Titan form eats him and proceeds to attack the stands in front of the stage, as the crowd flees in panic except for Calvi, who watches immobile and is quickly killed. Colt hurries Gabi and Udo to get up and run, but they get distracted at the sight of Zofia's corpse crushed under a piece of debris. As Colt grabs Gabi to take her out of the danger zone, Udo tries to rescue Zofia despite Colt's hurries, unaware of the human stampede rapidly approaching behind him. Udo is then swallowed by the stampede and gets trampled to death, much to his friends' horror, who take refuge behind a rock.

As the Attack Titan continues to wreak havoc, Lara Tybur watches the situation, and thanks her brother for his work as the head of the Tybur family. She then transforms into the War Hammer Titan in order to battle Eren; but before she can attack, Eren lands the first blow by punching her in the face and knocking her down.

Watching from afar, Commander Magath is informed by his men that the War Hammer Titan risks defeat, General Calvi and the rest of the military command are presumed dead, and that the Warriors are still missing. His men urge him to order the evacuation of the VIPs. However, Magath instead fires a rifle to signal the counterattack from Marley, and orders his men to get ready for the battle.

Eren is impaled by the War Hammer Titan

The fight between the Attack and War Hammer Titans continues, with the latter using its power to make a large spike emerge from the ground, impaling the Attack Titan from the abdomen and raising it several meters above the ground.

On the streets far enough from the zone of the battle, Colt and Gabi stop running, with the former carrying Udo's badly injured body. Colt is uncertain whether or not Udo is still alive, but says that they should hurry up to the hospital regardless, and laments not knowing where Falco is.

From the pit they are trapped in, Pieck and Galliard feel the rumblings caused by the battle. Pieck deduces that Titans are probably fighting and that this is probably the reason why they were led away. At that moment, the Panzer Unit comes to their rescue, and Pieck reveals that this is because she decided to take measures after noticing that the soldier that would eventually lure them into the trap was suspiciously following them.

Pieck and Galliard witness the arrival of the Survey Corps

The two Warriors are taken out of the trap and informed by their rescuers about the battle between the War Hammer and the Attack Titans. Pieck orders them to prepare the armor for the Cart Titan, and as Galliard attempts to join the fight, Pieck stops him and asks him to observe the situation a little more. They are then shocked to see a group of people advancing over them with anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment.

The Attack Titan releases itself by breaking off the end of the spike that was impaling it, and barely avoids an attack by the War Hammer Titan which attempted to strike it in the head with a hammer made of a hardened Titan substance. The Attack Titan then prepares to charge against its enemy, but it is hit by the cannons of the Marley soldiers. Although some of them are hesitant about killing the holder of the Founding Titan, Magath states that Marley will no longer be relying on the power of the Titans and announces that their objective is to kill Eren Yeager, while the soldiers prepare the anti-Titan artillery.

Mikasa attacks the War Hammer Titan with Thunder Spears

As the Attack Titan is shot, Magath wonders what is the enemy's purpose in sending the holder of the Founding Titan right into the combat, since if it were to die there, they would lose the battle. Taking advantage that its opponent is unable to move due to the constant shots, the War Hammer Titan attacks it again with its hammer, beheading it. Eren then emerges from the Titan's wound, as the Marley soldiers are shocked to finally see his face.

The War Hammer Titan asks Eren for his final words, prompting Eren to tell Mikasa to launch her assault. Mikasa appears from behind the War Hammer Titan and fires eight Thunder Spears at its neck, while other Survey Corps members ambush the Marley soldiers. As Eren thanks Mikasa for coming for him, Mikasa asks him to come home.

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