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The Warmth of a Family (家族のヌクモリティ Kazoku no nukumoriti?) is the 13th chapter of the 1st volume and the 13th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Grisha and Carla Yeager welcome Mikasa Ackerman into their home and Eren tries to get used to the new member of their family.


Carla hugs Mikasa as she welcomes her to the family. Carla has drawn a bath and asks that everyone washes up. Eren says he will go first and says to not come in until he is done. Outside the door, Grisha embarrasses him by saying that he usually washes Eren's back for him, causing Eren to pop open the door and yell at his father not to tell her that.

Mikasa goes through Eren's drawers

Eren takes Mikasa to his room and says that they will now be sharing it, so she should make herself at home. Mikasa immediately starts going through his drawers and taking down his Survey Corps pennant which causes him to yell at her about limits. He asks her about why she is still wearing that scarf, but each time she tries to answer they are interrupted by Carla bringing them cookies and something to drink.

Seeing that Mikasa is mourning her parents, Eren tries to cheer her up by giving her a Survey Corps badge, which she then uses to blow her nose.

Mikasa pulls out the nail that Eren has never been able to remove

Mikasa notices a nail stuck in the wall and Eren talks about how he would pretend it is a sword that can only be drawn out by a hero. He has been trying to remove it every morning to see if he is finally a hero. Mikasa removes it instantly and Eren claims he has been over that game for years.

Eren wants to go to sleep, but there is only one bed. He says he will sleep outside, but Mikasa does not want to be left alone, so Eren is about to say that they can sleep together when Grisha and Carla burst in saying they heard everything. The entire family ends up sleeping in the living room together with the two kids between Grisha and Carla. After their parents are asleep Eren asks Mikasa if she is warm now, and she admits she is actually hot.

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