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The three robbers (3人組の強盗 3-ningumi no gōtō?)[3] were a trio of men who killed Ackerman and his wife before kidnapping their daughter Mikasa Ackerman in the year 844.


The appearances of each robber varied. The leader was a stout man with a short beard and wore a wool cap. The axe-wielding robber appeared to be older, and was taller and thinner with short-cut, blond hair and a thin mustache. The robber who arrived late on the scene appeared to be the youngest, well-dressed and clean-shaven with short, brown hair.


In the year 844, when Mikasa Ackerman was nine years old and living with her parents,[4] the robbers arrive at the Ackerman clan residence. Hearing a knock at the door, Mikasa's father opens it thinking the visitors are Dr. Yeager and his son Eren. When he does this, the leader among them stabs him, calmly walking into the house with his men. Mikasa's mother attempts to fight back against her would-be robbers, but one of them wielding an axe strikes her in the shoulder, killing her. He then approaches Mikasa, punching her in the face and knocking her unconscious.[5]

The robbers with their victim

In some other location, the leader and the axe-man are passing time in a cabin while Mikasa slowly regains consciousness. The axe-man looks down at Mikasa, asking out loud why they went to such trouble to kidnap her. The leader sitting nearby explains that Mikasa is of Asian descent, and is the last of her race within the Walls. He explains that because of their race and the rarity of their people in the Walls, they will be able to fetch a high price if they sell them as sex slaves to buyers in the captial's underground market. The axe-man remarks that her father did not look Asian, therefore the girl cannot be a pure-blooded Asian. The leader angrily replies that the real value would have been to sell her mother, the pure-blood Asian.[6]

Before their argument can continue, Eren, who had with his father discovered the bodies of the Ackerman clan, arrives at the cabin pretending to be lost. Answering the door, the axe robber tries to get Eren to leave but is stabbed by the youth while he is off his guard. Before the leader can react, Eren takes another knife tied to a broomstick and impales the leader through the shoulder. Eren jumps onto the leader's belly, calling him an "animal" for his actions, and stabs him many times until he dies.[7]

A robber is killed

As Eren unties Mikasa, she asks him about the third robber who arrives late to the cabin, shocked at the sight of his dead accomplices. Kicking Eren across the room, he begins to strangle Eren in a fit of rage. Through the man's choking grasp, Eren tells Mikasa to fight. She takes up Eren's knife, unsure of what to do until a surge of power passes through her, giving her the focus and strength to stab the man in the back, piercing his heart. The bodies of the three robbers are later discovered by Military Policemen that Eren's father had alerted.[8]


Battle of Trost District arc

Six years later, as Eren in his Titan form is about to seal the breach in Trost District, he remembers time he killed the leader of the robbers. He thinks to himself that people who reject the freedom of others, no matter how strong they are, do not matter.[9]


The three robbers's statistics as of year 850[10]:

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