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Quote1.png We must protect school discipline! Therefore, it is imperative we eradicate the Survey Club!! Quote2.png
— Annie during a student council meeting

This is Not a Game (遊びじゃない Asobi Janai?) is the 1st chapter of the 2nd volume and the 9th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


The other students, while being part of the Survey Club, also sign up for other clubs in the school. Annie, who is part of the student council, decides to try to disband the club for good. Meanwhile, Hange announces a trip to Wall Rose while Levi warns that the student council may try to stop them.


Annie advocates the disbanding of the Survey Club

All the other first year students from Class 1 - 4 were forced to join other clubs throughout the school: Reiner in the judo club, Bertolt in volleyball and both Ymir and Krista in the wind instruments club. Annie, who is part of the student council, goes around and observes them for a while. Later during a student council meeting, Hitch starts to complain but is silenced by Marlowe. Hitch notices Annie glaring at her and starts prodding her for a response. Instead, Annie stands up and informs the teacher that she discovered references to the Survey Club that was thought to be disbanded and wishes to disband it herself; this causes some members to start muttering to themselves.

Hange announces to the Survey Club they will be heading to Wall Rose the next day. Petra reminds them to remember the rules when Krista asks about the Titans. Petra replies that the path is a safe one used before and the upperclassmen will protect them if the need arises, something that Oluo grimaces at. Bertolt then raises his hand about a personal finance matter involving Class 4 but Levi tells them all to stop whining. He informs them all that the student council may be coming to crush them tomorrow and tells them to be prepared.

Annie challenges the Survey Club

Hitch grumbles at Annie for having additional work and verbally jabs her for not having any friends. Marlowe is quick to respond that Hitch is the same way. He tells Annie that he has done research on the Survey Club as well and notices that despite her claim, Annie does not seem motivated to wipe out the club. Hitch then berates them both on pursuing this and demands Annie to tell her why. As Marlowe and Hitch argue once more, Annie quietly mentions that it is similar to avenging a parent; just then, Eren comes out of the forest and stops when he sees Annie. Mikasa and the others soon follow and Annie declares they disband immediately; Krista asks why, but Annie turns to Eren, stating that it does not concern anyone else. Annie challenges Eren to rock paper scissors and if the Survey Club loses, they will disband; Eren accepts the challenge on behalf of them all.

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