• Please stop posting fanart in image galleries. If the image is not from an official source, then it doesn't belong to the articles. You can post them in your profile, blog posts or the forum though.

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    • Okay. I didn't think the last one was fanart.

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    • If it's not from an official source like the manga, anime, movies, spin-offs or guidebooks, then it's fanart. What was the source of that image?

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    • I searched on the Google images under the search engine Rogue Titan, and there it was.

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    • It's fanart.

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    • Okay, I found an image that doesn't look like fanart and had to have been in the anime, because I saw it happen: Several Titans attacking the Rogue Titan and partially devouring/eating him.

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    • Yeah, that's not fanart. Good job. :D

      I just have two requests:

      • Please use more descriptive names the next time. Not just something like "Devouring", but more like "Eren's Titan form being devoured by other Titans".
      • Don't forget to specify the episode or chapter the image comes from. Every image includes a description with that information. I already added it to that picture as you can see. This is done just by inserting the template I include below and replacing the respective description, number of the episode and resolution ("M" means "Medium", "H" is "High" and "L" is "Low").

        If this is too confusing for you, you can just include the number of the episode in the description without template, or contact me with that information, and I will replace it.
      == Summary==
      {{Fair use rationale
      | Description       = Eren's Titan form being devoured by other Titans
      | Source            = {{Image|Anime}}
      | Portion           = {{Ep|8}}
      | Purpose           = {{Image|P}}
      | Resolution        = {{Image|H}}
      | Replaceability    = {{Image|R}}
      | Other Information = 
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