• I had told you this before several times, but please ask your questions in the forum, not in your own Message Wall nor in blog posts. Your Message Wall is for people to leave you messages, blog posts are to express opinions. We have a forum designated to discuss matters, and there is a board there called Questions and Answers where you can ask your doubts. I have moved two questions that you asked on blog posts on there and you can continue the conversations in that place.

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    • I removed my last piece from a previous thread and put on one that was the one to put it on, and I'm still getting my head chewed out by the Admin for my expressions. I will merely expressing what I felt about the image of the Beast Titan getting its arm cut up.

      Manuel_de_la_Fuente, I've already had to abandon two good wikis of the only good anime I know about. I'm asking you to not make this a third wiki where I am trying to follow the guidelines but be permitted to express myself.

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