• Hello, thank you for you recent contributions to the wiki! I was looking at a few of the photos you uploaded and I just wanted to point out a few things for you.

    When you upload a photo you have to edit it's description and add in the Fair Use Rationale and Licensing. The screenshots/anime tag and template for anything from the anime or OVAs and the fairuse/manga tag and template for anything from the manga. Anything that isn't from either requires the fairuse tag. You can look on any photos description and see how this is put in and laid out. One more thing, when uploading a photo, names must be correct and descriptive such as "Petra's death". Vlcsnap-2013-07-14-15h14m40s253 is not an acceptable name.

    I have already added the Fair Use Rationale and Licensing to all the photos you recently uploaded. If you need any help refer to our Writing/Image Policy[1] or write me on my message wall.

    Thanks for your work!


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    • I may add, Aggression25, that I had already told you about this. Like with the questions posted out of place, about which I explained you three times, I'm starting to feel that you're ignoring me. e_e

      Also, two of those pictures are just of wires and I'm not sure what is the use of that.

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    • Just gallery additions. Also, I checked the Internet for actual scenes from the anime, and they were what occurred in the second opening. There's nothing that wasn't there to begin with.

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    • Pardon? Just remember to put the Fair Use Rationale and Licensing on them

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    • Okay.

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    • Even so, that opening has many more better scenes and I don't find any use of choosing two pictures of wires. And please don't ignore the image policy nor the other advices again.

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    • I agree it may be an idea to delete the wire photos and replace them with more "action filled" or detailed photos

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    • If I saw any other images beyond the wires, I would've used them to go along with the rest of the gallery. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any other images.

      It's likely they haven't posted any online yet.

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    • You don't need to search for screenshots, the opening is embeded in the same page so you can just take them on your own (press Impr Pant and paste in Paint). You can even watch the whole episodes legally and for free in this Wiki at the bottom of their respective articles. But don't forget that the screenshots should not contain subtitles and should be with appropriate names.

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