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    • Two suggestions...

      Now that we have enough information about the Thunder Spear itself, make Thunder Spear the featured article.

      Also, if he hasn't been before but now that there is a 99.9% chance that he's dead, make an article about Reiner, you know, for memory.

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    • I vote the Thunder Spears (once we actually make a page for them).

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    • I had to reread the chapter to really understand how they work...

      Correct me if I'm wrong....

      You pull a trigger which fires a gas (like what ODMG uses) rocket that propels the entire spear forward guided by the position of the arm. 

      Simultaneously, you should be moving perpendicular to your target (in contrast to directly towards your target like with a sword attack) so that you quickly clear the blast area.

      Then, you still have a string connected to your arm which is also connected to the back end of the spear after the spear rockets into your target, you have to either yank your arm or put some distance to pull the string which appears to activate some sort of triggering mechanism when the string is pulled out.

      Here's what I'm unsure about...

      Through some sort of process that hasn't been explained yet, the spear, which is described by Hange on Page 28 as 'like a bolt of thunder' which might be a mistranslation since she may be referring to lightning and not thunder, the spear apparently emits electric arcs and then explodes. Which makes this novel for world within the walls technology because so far it's the only depiction of any kind of technological utilization of electrical forces.

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    • I also vote for the Thunder Spears. Hopefully, maybe in the anime or a guide book, they expand on how they work. It seems like because Hange was talking to the newer scouts she skipped over the technical details.

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    • EternalLocket wrote:
      I also vote for the Thunder Spears. Hopefully, maybe in the anime or a guide book, they expand on how they work. It seems like because Hange was talking to the newer scouts she skipped over the technical details.

      What im about to say may or may not be true, but technically it seems like a barrel with explosives inside the bullet-shaped end that are trigered when the rope is pulled, basically it penetrates easily, and, after pulling the rope, it explodes. It seems to work the same way as grenades(for the explosive part)+bullets(for the penetrative part), just that the trigger isnt a click, but a rope being pulled.

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    • I don't think it's explosives. Hange describes that it's like 'a bolt of thunder' and so it just adds up that it's something electrical based.

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    • I wouldn't say it's electical based just because they described it like a bolt of thunder. She also described it as a spear, so I think the act of "throwing" such a consentrated explosive device at one precise spot brings up the imagery of destruction left by a "bolt of lightning." All we know for sure is that some of the technology the First Interior Squad confiscated involved making new kinds of guns. And with some of that confiscated technology they created the Anti-Personal 3DMG. Regardless, that's exactly why I hope they expand on it sooner than later; language barrier and assumptions is all we got.

      I hope that thunder is the correct translation.

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    • I don't think it is the correct translation at all.

      Thunder describes the sound caused by a lightning BOLT. In commonly accepted English, there's no such thing as a 'bolt of thunder'. 

      Also, a bit infruriatingy, part of the problem seems to be the illustration of the explosions themselves. There isn't enough visual information to differentiate between an explosion caused by black powder and another kind of explosion. 

      Also, I mean, they have cannons. No one ever compared the actions of the cannons to thunder or lightning, so I think that also clues in that there's another possibility.

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    • Alright, we're a little late on this, but it's been more than three days. By unanimous vote, Thunder Spears wins; so this thread is closed.

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    • A FANDOM user
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