• Hey, I've noticed that you updated the Sasha Blouse profile image. That's not a problem, but have you made sure to ask the community about changing the profile image? Or, have you considered naming the image something else? It may be a little bit inconvenient for the community to find the image, that's why. Apologies I asked, but clarification from you is much appreciated.

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    • I didn't ask the community before doing so, sorry about that, but with every other portrait, they all seem to have a normal expression on their face, but Sasha looked terrified which is why I felt it should be changed, sorry if I caused any trouble. (P.S. Sasha is my 3rd favorite character)

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    • Well, on the bright side the image is in no means in low quality. You don't exactly have bad reasoning to back you up either, but in the end it's the community who makes the final call. If they don't notice or would rather prefer the new image, then it stays. Thanks for your contributions thus far.

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    • I just noticed that Sasha's profile picture was changed and came here to talk about the same topic.

      As BlouseGirl said, if a current character's profile picture is not of bad quality, you should usually discuss on the Talk Page or at least consult an admin before changing it. This new picture is of lower quality than the previous one, Sasha's facial features are blurred and the illumination and her hairstyle are odd (I know she's riding at sunset but still looks odd). Besides, the previous picture was chosen because it reflects Sasha's personality better (she's eating her classical potato). In summary, the previous picture was better and should have been kept.

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    • Ditto. There's nothing much we can do about this now, but this is definitely a good thing to note for the future.

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    • Actually, my message was with the intention that Ethan would know it and change the picture back, but since nothing happens I'll do it myself.

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