• Hello there,

    I wanted to tell you that since you haven't been active on the Discord server for more than 3 months I have removed the Chat Moderator rights. You still retain your Content Moderator and Discussions Moderator rights since you're active on the mainspace of the wiki. Thank you for the good work you've been doing here. :)

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    • I totally understand, Manuel, and thank you for notifying me.

      In addition to you messaging me I wanted to give you an explanation as to why I have been editing less nowadays, and it's not really about school (maybe not now, at least) or anything personal. Instead, I just moved house a few weeks ago and we have yet to install the wifi where I'm at, sooo I tend to steal wifi from my clubhouse to ensure that I don't miss any important or upcoming news. By next week things should be sorted and I'll be sure to get back on my regular editing schedule! 

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    • Oh, I see. Yeah, I had noticed a reduction in your activity but I assumed it was temporary, so I wasn't worried. Thank you for letting me know, and I hope you can have your Wi-Fi soon. :D

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