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    17:51, January 12, 2019

    The end credits might suggest he might have survived, who else could have put the blade and cape there, and considering the hand reaching out is from a first person it probably was our Man himself since they are alway viewed in first person in the fully animated cutscenes. Also they never show he's truly dead, only a titan hand reaching out to grab him, he could have easily broken out of a titan hold or have cut the fingers before it could get a hold of him, its been showed before in the game that he can break free of even the female titan's grasp, and to those who say his blades are broken, only one of them has only 2 sections left, the other is a full blade (if you doubt me just pull up a video of the ending and look closly at his left blade). I think it's best to put his status as "Unknown".

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