• So, unless Eldia manages to stop this war with some peaceful resolution or the whole world being too scared of the Titans to fight them, or Eren and proabably Zeke destroying everyone with the millions of Collosus Titans before the War could even start. How would you imagine this war to be?

    For me, I feel this'll be an interesting event. Every army coming at the walls, with their guns, army and technology. And Eldia using their own unique methods to defend with the walls. Most likely the Ace for the Marley side is Reiner, the Jaw Titan and Cart Titan. The Cart Titan is already inside the Walls, so is it an ambush attack? Or will the Cart Titan be caught sooner than she thinks. Depending on the other armies, they'll probably try to sneak their way into the wall, while another section attacks infront. Probably some will use airiel technology to get in. But as soon as they reach inside the wall, the Eldians can fully utilise their advantage with the trees and such.

    The Marleyan seems to have a history of them warring against the King, at a time their technology wasn't that advanced, so they might have an idea on how to take on Titans and other dangerous enemies in a humanly possible way too.

    This is just a stupid and less detailed idea in my mind. Do any of you have ideas over this possible war?

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    • I wanna say their job is looking for Zeke & do a surprise Attack.

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    • Bomb the walled in districts with titan serum gas canisters. Turn the majority of their population into titans, then, if possible, lock them in the districts so the island can be conquered more easily. I know they don't have Zeke for the fancy 'command activated' serum gas, but any of the other warriors could supply spinal fluid that would turn eldians on contact.

      Since Pecke has been able to infiltrate one of the cities, they may be planting gas canisters. The only thing about that is that they don't seem to be at a technological level where they could trigger them all remotely. I'm sure they could set up timers, but that would take a lot of coordination and it would mean that they would need to be very sure about their attack. Once the timers would be set, they couldn't deactivate them without tracking down each serum canister.

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    • Or just bomb them to oblivion.

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    • Tdfern14 wrote:
      Or just bomb them to oblivion.

      If they had airial bombing technology developed, they probably would have dropped bombs on that fort in the beginning of this arc instead of titan bombing it. It's possible they are on the verge of a break through, but just given story telling mechanics, it seemed like they were introducing the gas canister weapons for a reason. Like so it would fit in more easily later.

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    • I take that using Airial bombing methods, if developed at the time period of the story would be the most effective way to handle it, but, I feel that's where Armin, as the Colossus Titan comes to play.

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    • BlazeRelease wrote:
      I take that using Airial bombing methods, if developed at the time period of the story would be the most effective way to handle it, but, I feel that's where Armin, as the Colossus Titan comes to play.

      60 meters + arm length isn't much when talking about the elevations that plains can fly. Remember that Armin needed to ODM up to the blimp from the nape of his Colossis. Blimps don't seem like they would fly as high as a plane. On top of that, we have to remember that the Colossis takes a while to walk from one side of a city district to the other. A plane could conceivably maneuver around the colossis. Finally, Marlay is the largest nation in the world. When they attack in force, I suspect any bombing campaign will target all districts at once. Marlay would surely have the resources to do that. The colossis can only be in one place at once. If the battle goes to the sky, there will be no defence. The only option will be to unleash the rumbling and see who blinks first.

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    • Yeah, but since this is Armin, I'm pretty sure he would able to devise a strategy against the Marley, if they even have any advanced planes.

      Though, planes(If Marley has those) would give Marley an unbelieveble advantage, I would argue that Eldia would have it's own strategy against it. Like, they seriously invented weopens that allow a single person to kill a titan while in the midst of always being stopped from developing any other technology.

      Though if Marley does have advanced airieal machines, then I don't think they will use it instantly. Since two Marley warrior candidates and a few others are prisioned here, and the Founding Titan is still for the catch, as well as the others.

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    • The smartest person in the world can't figure out how to take on a tank with a bow and arrow. Rock always beats scissors.

      I think you are overestimating the Paradecians. In their 100 years in the walls, it took them 50 years before they invented the ODM gear. Granted, the lightning spears were invented fairly quickly, but I think propper counter measures for airial combat will take more time. They will need to encounter it before they can learn to fight it. And remember Hange's reaction when she learned this kind of combat was a possability. I think that tells us a lot about the Eldian potential to fight that kind of war.

      I think you are right about one thing. The Marlayans will hold off on usin planes. The first strike will be with the warriors. I don't think the cadets will come into their calculations. They are probably a lost cause from the Marlayan governments point of view. Definitely expendably in the grand schem of things and the smart money is on them being dead already. But they would want to recover as many titan shifter powers as they could. This would be worth throwing tens of thousands of soldiers at the walls.

      One thing they may have to worry about is the accuracy and range of Marlayan (and in time, other countries supperior) navy gun ships. It is possible that they could reach pretty far inland. The bombardment could be devistating.

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    • I think it's already been established that battleships are practically useless against at least the Colossus and Attack titans.

      It is important to note that Paradis Island is an ISLAND though, which is a natural defense against aircraft because they'll just run out of fuel getting there and back.

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