• Share your suggestions for a poll, featured article, and featured image for Chapter #112. The discussion for the featured article and featured image will last 24 hours; for the poll there will be 2 days to propose polls and a third to choose one. If by the end of the votings there is no clear consensus, the wiki staff will choose one of the options or create one in case there are no proposals at all.

    Poll rules:

    • No suggestions about "What was your favorite page/moment/development", etc. Try to be more creative.
    • No polls that can be responded with a simple "yes/no". Again, use your creativity.
    • No polls similar and/or about the same topic as previous polls (consult the Poll Archive).
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    • FA: Yeagerists

      FI: upward shot of Titans transforming above Levi

      Poll: Who would be the worst person to have as a friend?

      • Eren Yeager
      • Reiner Braun
      • Annie Leonhart
      • Jean Kirstein
      • Floch Forster
      • Gabi Braun
      • Porco Galliard

      (In case you're wondering how I chose the choices, I picked characters who have been seen either betraying their friends, treating friends and comrades badly, or just generally aren't kind to comrades)

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    • FA: Ackerman family

      FI: It's raining Titans

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    • FA: Yeagerists

      FI: Zeke's scream/running. Just for giggles. 

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    • FA: Ackerman family (Yeagerists will probably have relevance later)

      FI: One of the Titan photos: One or Two or Three.

      Poll: Nothing at the moment

      @Neetaku: FYI, your current poll suggestion is similar to the previous two polls about betrayal and being trustworthy.

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    • FA: Ackerman family

      FI: Levi with Titans raining down on him

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    • Featured Image: Raining Titans

      Titans rain down on Levi
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    • Because Hajime Isayama actually plans on having all the main characters die, I was like “No! He can’t die like this!”

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      • FA: Ackerman family
      • FI: Ahmed's
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    • The time to vote for a featured article and image has ended. The winners are:

      There is still one more day to propose polls.

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    • A second poll suggestion, just for the fun of it: What other officers do you believe drank the wine?

      • Kitz Weilman
      • Rico Brzenska
      • Dot Pixis
      • Anka (I'm assuming that a minimum of 5 years as Pixis's errand girl gets her at least a little of the fancy wine)
      • Nile Dok

      I didn't bother including Rogue, because we all know that's a done deal. The only problem was, besides Nile, that left the poll filled with only Garrison officers.

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    • Dalmatia
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      One hour early.
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    • The time to vote ended, Neetaku's polls were the only suggested options, I'm picking the second as winner because, as TheMagicalWonders pointed out, the first is similar to previous polls.

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    • Tdfern14
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    • I vote for my second one (with a possible addition of Lima as a choice, so that we'll have someone from the Survey Corps on there too).

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    • A FANDOM user
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