• What if Niether Armin or Erwin we're injured, and The Titan that picked up Bertholdt, was just a random Titan.

    Would Eren and the others have saved Bertholdt when he called for help, Or would they still have let the random Titan kill him?

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    • If it was a random Titan, there are high chances that they would have let this Titan eat Bertolt, I could see a few reasons:

      - They wouldn't need to use their syringe, saving it for later

      - Their guess would be that the person that ate Bertolt would not be a big threat: they'd think it's unlikely that this person is able to gain full control of the Titan power, so easy to control at first. 

      - And, another reason but they didn't have such an information back then, so it's not something they could have used at their advantage: it would have been an Eldian sentenced to Paradise, so this person would be stupid to be against the Survey Corps, because he/she wouldn't have any other possible allies. 

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