• In the latest chapter of Attack on Titan, Levi is unconscious and Hange takes off with him to god knows where. What I wanna know is what you think about it. Do you think he's dead or just knocked out? 

    Eren has turned sides (though it's a pretense!). Directly or Indirectly, he has caused the deaths of a lot of people. What are your thoughts? What do you think about it? Are you happy with the way things are progressing?

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    • I think that was 7 chapters ago.

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    • I think whatever explanation we get for Levi's survival is gonna be about as ridiculous as Armin surviving being roasted by Bertolt. Even if Hange somehow had another serum what's he gonna do? Go eat Annie or something? The dude had his hand blown off. We know that if Levi dies, the fandom will explode over it. If he lives.....the explanation is gonna be little better. Death really seems like the only sensible outcome from the severity of his wounds. But I am fully expecting we're gonna get something that defies all previously established logic again. 

      Absolutely not an Eren fan, have not been for years. XP I find his friends more fun, Armin and Sasha come to mind, and that is why I resent him for what he's put them all through as of late. In my opinion, whatever Eren intends, he still needs to die if peace has even a remote chance of happening. Especially if Grisha truly did see something so deplorable that he no longer supports Eren's ongoing quest as the current Attack Titan. Maybe he fears the promise to save Armin and Mikasa is about to fail because of whatever Eren drags them in to in carrying out his plan, and I fully expect the two of them will be needed to prevent the worst outcome hinted at by Grisha. Eren is fueled by revenge, we don't know how many he plans to kill to get it but the Marley are pretty much F'ed now that the Colossals have awoken. Their body count is likely to soar, not just among those invading Shiganshina but possibly back home. And a lot more Eldians will get swept up in it between the Walls' destruction and Liberio and whatever other holdouts they have. As a Restorationist, maybe Grisha is afraid of the fate his former countrymen will face in the quest to stop Marley. But then would he really support Zeke who still wants to euthanize his own race? 

      I can't wait until we get a straight answer as to what Eren's endgame is. Until we get feels like we're wrestling between fifteen different stories that just don't mesh. 

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