• Hey. Since the Warhammer Titan's holder never got a name before she died. I thought I would make one up.

    What do you guys think of

    Ophelia Tybur?

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    • Most of the time, when a name is given to her, it's "Emma Tybur". Why Emma ? I don't know. But a big part of the fandom uses it, and I use it too (also that's why I find "Mrs Tybur" weird to hear because for me it's like if Emma was her official name).

      As an example, if I enter "Emma Tybur" on the research bar, on the first page, I've got :

      - A reddit thread, "Comparing her facial structures with Emma Tybur"

      - A tumblr tag named "emma tybur"

      - A french manga threads where people name her Emma

      The other name I've seen for her is a sexual joke based on her brother's name "Willy".

      By the way, I have nothing against "Ophelia Tybur", but my mind considers "Emma Tybur" as her official name, so I'll stay with "Emma" x)

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    • Ok, but I'm gonna stick with Ophelia

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    • A FANDOM user
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