• The tree Ymir Fritz falls into could be a nod to the legendary ash tree Yggdrasil, which also features wells, called "Brunnr" underneath it, just as Ymir Fritz falls into the "well" inside the tree.

    In fact, AoT borrows A LOT of elements from both Titans in Greek mythology and Jötnar from Norse mythology, mixed with several general tropes seen in various real-life religions.

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    • Yup. I noticed it too. Its like Eldians are more on Norse myth and Marleyans more into Hellenic because of Helos i think. Ymir is actually the 'father of all titans' in Norse myth and almost similar that he was eaten.

      • I think that has something to do with how the SNK will end. The place where you borrowed the power is where you return it too.

      So i believe that it is Eren's job to save Ymir and the world by bringing all 9 titans to that tree. But of course, with the author's twist.

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    • Except the tree appeared dead.

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