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| Kanji = 巨人
| Kanji = 巨人
| Romaji = Kyojin
| Romaji = Kyojin

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Titans (巨人 Kyojin?, lit. "Giant") are the second species in the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime series. The Titans from Titan Junior High School are typically despised or feared by the human students of said school.


Titans can vary in appearance, specifically height and facial features. Most Titans have big eyes and stand with heights from 2 meters to over 10, and some have rather human-like features.


Titans are mainly seen stealing food from humans. Aside from that, it appears that Titans are able to learn and communicate in their own way contrary to popular belief. It is noted that there are Titan language classes, and so even humans can communicate with Titans. This behavior is exhibited when Annie Leonhart goes and speaks in Titan language with another Titan and they appear to get along as friends.[1]

Titans also have a variety of personalities much like humans. They have feelings and intelligence, and are capable of writing letters in addition to that.




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