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Quote1 Blood and flesh and bones, all being sent through some invisible "path"? Doesn't it seem ridiculous to you, too? If the legends are true, it all started when the Founder, Ymir, came into contact with...something. I want to know what happened then, 2,000 years ago. Quote2
— Tom Ksaver describes his fascination with the Titans[1]

The Titan Biology Research Society (巨人化学研究学会 Kyojin Kagaku Kenkyū Gakkai?) is a Marleyan organization dedicated to the study of Eldian people and the true nature of the Titans.


Established sometime after the Great Titan War, the Titan Society focuses on analyzing the nature of the Subjects of Ymir and their connections with the Titans and Titan power. Information gathered from the Titan Society is shared with members of the Marleyan military, though it appears that members of the Eldian population within Marley are not informed. It is unknown whether the common Marleyan population is given the information obtained by the Society.


Sometime before the year 832, the Titan Society proposed a theory that centers around the Founding Titan: All Titans and Subjects of Ymir are connected to each other through invisible "paths" that transcend physical space, and these "paths" converge at a single coordinate; this so-called "Coordinate" is the Founding Titan.[2]

In later years, the Titan Society also researched the strange case of Zeke Yeager, who could inexplicably control Titans created with his spinal fluid; however, no conclusive results were made concerning this phenomenon.[3] The Titan Society is unaware that Zeke possesses royal blood, granting his Beast Titan powers alike to that of the Founding Titan itself.[4]

Titan scientists, presumably affiliated with the organization, noted that family relations between inheritors of the Nine Titans play a significant role in passing down memories.[5]

According to Eren Yeager, Marleyan scholars know very little about the Titans, with Zeke Yeager knowing more than them.[6]



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