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This article is about the first chapter of the manga. For the first episode of the anime, see To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1. For the 122nd chapter, see From You, 2,000 Years Ago.

Quote1 That day, the human race remembered the terror of being dominated by them and the shame of being held captive in a birdcage. Quote2
— Humanity's desperate battle begins

To You, 2,000 Years From Now (二千年後の君へ Ni-sen Nen-go no Kimi e?) is the 1st chapter of the 1st volume and the 1st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


The Survey Corps are shown outside Wall Maria attempting to take down a Titan. They position their attacks and go in for the kill. Inside the Shiganshina District, Mikasa Ackerman wakes Eren Yeager from a long dream before they walk back to town. On their way back from gathering firewood, they run into members of the Garrison including their friend, Hannes. Eren remarks that they smell of alcohol and are unfit to guard the Walls before leaving, angry. On the way, Eren and Mikasa watch the Survey Corps returning bloody and horrified much to Eren's shock. A woman looking for her son is given only his arm by the commander as she asks if her son was helpful, but the commander weeps and tells her they learned nothing again. When Eren and Mikasa arrive home, his mother, Carla Yeager, scolds him for wishing to join the Survey Corps. Eren's father, Dr. Yeager, leaves for work, telling his son that he will show him what is in the basement when he returns. Eren's mother scoffs at the idea and he runs off only to find his friend Armin Arlert being beaten by bullies. After Mikasa scares them off, the three debate their views about leaving the Walls until they hear a loud bang and run to the town, only to see the Colossus Titan peering over the Walls at them as it kicks through the gate.


Braun going in for the kill

Braun going in for the kill

In the year 845, humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction by the Titans, a species of giant, humanoid monsters that feed on humans. The only remaining population of humans lies behind a series of Walls, ruled by a Royal Government. The Survey Corps, the military's division for exploring outside the Walls, is in a Titan Forest chasing a lone Titan on horseback. As they close in on it, they break into five groups, with one serving as a decoy, as practiced, and switch to vertical maneuvering equipment as they prepare to kill the Titan.

Meanwhile, Eren Yeager sees his close friend, Mikasa, bidding him goodbye, her hair strangely shorter than usual. He is suddenly woken up from a long dream by the familiar Mikasa standing above him, who insists that he has been sleeping for a while. As the two return to their village, Mikasa asks Eren why he is crying, but he is unaware that he had been doing so.

During their conversation, the two are greeted by their friend Hannes, a member of the local police known as the Garrison. When Eren discovers that Hannes and his fellow soldiers have been drinking instead of watching the Walls for Titans, he becomes angry, but is assured that there is no threat of a Titan attack; there has not been a breach for a century. After angrily dismissing humanity's current state as pathetic, Eren continues his walk home with Mikasa. He expresses a desire to join the Survey Corps, much to Mikasa's dismay. As she begins to discourage Eren from doing so, the Corps return from their mission in the Forest.

Braun's arm

Braun's mother receives his arm

Eren's excitement and anticipation to see the returning "heroes," is cut short when he sees that very few members of the Corps have returned with the survivors bloody and broken. A panic-stricken woman rushes into the procession, shouting for her son Braun. The other Corps members return his only remains to her: a severed arm. Miserably, the commanding officer laments to the gathered crowd that their expedition has done nothing, as many in the past have, much to the bystanders' utter dismay and exasperation. Mikasa quickly drags an angered Eren away from the crowd and roughly throws him against a building, asking if he still wants to join the Corps after seeing them return in failure. After a brief pause, Eren diverts the question by asking Mikasa to help him pick up the scattered wood.

They head back home where Eren's father, Dr. Yeager, and his mother, Carla Yeager, are doing their usual daily tasks. Not long after their return, Dr. Yeager announces that he must go to town for a couple of examinations. Against Eren's wishes, Mikasa tells the family about his plans to join the Survey Corps, resulting in a sharp and terrifying objection from his mother. When his father asks why he wants to go outside the Walls, Eren says that he wants to know the outside world, stating that he would hate to live the rest of his life as an "ignorant" person. He also passionately wishes to pick up where others left off so their sacrifice would not be in vain. In response to Eren's answer, Dr. Yeager reveals a key hanging from a string on his neck and tells Eren that when he returns, he will finally show him the room in the basement which he has kept secret. Once Dr. Yeager leaves, Eren's mother again insists that he must not join the Survey Corps and that only a fool would do so. Eren replies that buying one's safety at the cost of living like cattle is even more foolish. Worried, Carla asks Mikasa to watch out for him.

The Colossus Titan appears

The Colossus Titan appears

Sometime later, Armin, Eren's and Mikasa's friend, is seen being bullied by a group of boys, who call him a "heretic." Eren shows up and tries to stop them, but is instead targeted by the bullies as well. However, they disperse when Mikasa arrives. Armin explains that the reason behind his assault was his claim that humans would eventually need to leave the city, which leads to a conversation about how humanity, in general, is living their lives in constant fear of another Titan attack. The conversation is interrupted by what appears to be an earthquake. The three friends head back to the town and see what caused the tremor: a Colossus Titan, standing taller than the Wall itself, has appeared.

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Sign of a toolshop
  • The meaning behind the title of the chapter was first alluded to in Chapter 55, where Dot Pixis speaks of the Fritz royal bloodline (later revealed to be a false monarchy) as being "unbroken for over 2000 years."[1] Chapter 86 revealed that the power of the Titans originated from Ymir Fritz, 1,820 years before Grisha Yeager's childhood.[2] The ultimate meaning of the title was fully realized with Chapter 122, "From You, 2,000 Years Ago", which details the life of Ymir in full.[3]
  • There was a separate volume released before the first volume came out and it consisted of just this chapter. It was a free sampler volume.
  • On page 46, the sign of a shop can be seen. The katakana translates as "toolshop" (ドウグヤ douguya?).