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To a New Age (新たなる時代へ Aratanaru jidai e?) is an extra chapter included in the 17th and final volume of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki. It is also the final chapter overall of the series.


Both Kuklo and the Survey Corps find themselves simultaneously fighting for their lives against the threat of Ogre and the Titans. With unexpected help coming from Xavi, Kuklo succeeds in killing Ogre.


Letting out a scream of fury, Kuklo slices off Ogre's fingers and is able to free himself; however, the Titan responds by swatting him against a tree. As Kuklo tries to flee, he finds Ogre right behind him and closing in quickly. Kuklo thinks about leading Ogre towards the camp in order to get help from Rosa Carlstead and team ten, but Ogre strands the teen by destroying part of his vertical maneuvering equipment.

The five-meter Titan is defeated

At the Survey Corps camp, Rosa tells Ivo to focus on the five-meter Titan in front of them; asking Carlo Pikale and the vice captain to move, the two fly towards the Titan. Ordering the rest of her team into position, Rosa leads a coordinated attack which cripples the Titan. As Kurz and Cardina attach themselves to the Titan's neck, Hugo boosts Kai and launches him high above the Titan; seeking justice for Felix, Kai slices the nape apart with both blades and the Titan soon dies and dissipates.

Ogre is blinded by Xavi

Steeling himself for the possibility of death, Kuklo is stunned when Ogre is suddenly blinded by a returning Xavi and is thrown his old iron bamboo sword. Flying towards Ogre, Kuklo slices through Ogre's fingers again and lands on the nape; however, he soon finds both blades are not strong enough to cut through Ogre's nape; he quickly calls out to Xavi to help him finish it. Xavi flies towards him and slices through the nape of Ogre; a massive burst of steam comes out of the nape and Ogre is defeated, dissipating before it can hit the ground.

The Survey Corps, having noticed Ogre suddenly disappear, believe Kuklo was able to bring down the massive Titan. They find Simon underneath some rubble and he reveals he was able to save Felix before the five-meter Titan crushed the tent underfoot. Proclaiming the expedition to be a success, Carlo orders the survivors to return back to Shiganshina once Kuklo and Xavi return.

After getting saved by Kuklo, Xavi gives his blessing

Xavi stares in awe over how he was able to help defeat a ten-meter Titan. Getting to his feet, he mentions to Kuklo that he witnessed the Survey Corps battling against the five-meter Titan and the report will reflect the success of the equipment. Upon reaching the others and without looking at Kuklo, Xavi tells him to "be good to Sharle," accepting the growing feelings between Kuklo and his sister.

Two months later, Sharle writes a letter to Angel which describes how Vice Commander Bernhart was arrested in the assassination of his niece Gloria, the Survey Corps were successfully reinstated and that Carlo was elected the new Commander. After updating him, Klarissa and Leo about Felix, Rosa and her brother Xavi, Sharle finishes the letter by revealing Kuklo and herself are expecting to get married in the following month.

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