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Quote1.png It isn't even possible that first love letter ever was from a Titan...! Quote2.png
— Jean in shock

Too Big a Love (でかすぎる恋 Deka Sugiru Koi?) is the 4th chapter of the 2nd volume and the 12th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Jean becomes upset over the fact everyone at school seems to be pairing off with each other except for him. Then, he receives a mysterious letter in his locker.


Jean and Marco are walking through the hallway at school when Marco notices both Sasha and Connie going home together. This, coupled with how Hannah and Franz are always together (and even Mikasa's attachment towards Eren), depresses Jean on how he does not have an admirer or with anyone. Marco tells him not to worry about it when Jean notices a love letter in his locker.

Jean is ecstatic to discover he has a secret admirer

The next day, Jean comes in looker cleaner than usual and Eren throws an insult at him. Ignoring it, Jean brandishes the letter and the others in class start to ask him questions. Eren's convinced Jean's letting it all go to his head, but the latter finds another one.

Jean starts pondering who could be his secret admirer and believes it is someone from Class 3 or even an upperclassman. Eventually, all the girls notice Jean mumbling to himself except for Mikasa. She stops Annie and inquires why she is approaching Eren; Annie merely responds that she is returning a book Eren loaned her. Mikasa snatches it away, curtly saying that she will pass it on. Disappointed, Annie glances at Eren who returns the gesture. Mikasa notices this and demands a confused Eren to explain himself.

Jean's true secret admirer arrives

Eren and Mikasa then follow Jean who is too absorbed in the fact he received two love letters. Turning around a corner, they notice Hitch at Jean's locker. She panics and runs off, and the rest of Class 4 are incredulous that it was Hitch all along. Eren goes to the restroom and notices Hitch, who tells him to be quiet. She asks Eren for advice in regard to the letters. Reading another one, Jean finds it asking for him to meet the author after school behind the school building. Finding Hitch, Jean mentions that he believed she hated him but is open to being with her. Hitch responds that she is not the person who wrote them; Hitch went to investigate after hearing the rumor and caught a glimpse of Jean's true admirer. She reveals that Eren and Mikasa suggested she play along and reveals the true author as a Titan, who is approaching Jean with some flowers. Unable to fully realize or accept this, Jean tries to back out but is flattened by the Titan who then promptly leaves.

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