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Quote1.png He shows his benevolence to everyone, not just humans, but Titans too. That is saintly!! Quote2.png
— Students praise Mr. Smith

Trash Teacher (教師のクズ Kyōshi no Kuzu?) is the 1st chapter of the 3rd volume and the 17th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


The Survey Club are told by Hange they will be going on an overnight camping excursion with the club's faculty advisor. As everyone wonders who it could be, Eren goes to intercept two Titans stealing food from some students. A faculty member, Mr. Smith, holds him back and deals with the issue himself. Eren is appalled by his appeasing of the Titans and is shocked to later see that Mr. Smith is the advisor to the Survey Club.


Hange informs of the Survey Club's advisor

Hange mentions that the first year students did their best, but ultimately failed to beat them. They are told that the Survey Club will be going on an overnight camping trip over the weekend; Reiner mentions that his cousin implied everyone will be forced to dress in revealing clothes, but laughs it off when Krista gasps at the thought of it. Hange says nothing like that will happen, much to Reiner's disappointment, and informs the club that the faculty advisor will be attending the trip as well. Many of the students wonder what the advisor is like, due to no one having been introduced to him; Eren immediately believes that, due to being on the faculty, he is loyal to the school administration and Titans.

Erwin appeases the Titans

Erwin gives the students bread in return

Erwin introduces himself to Eren

Suddenly, they spot two students running away from a pair of Titans. As Eren runs to confront them, he is held back by Mr. Smith and goes towards the Titans himself. Eren is incredulous when Mr. Smith allows the Titans to keep the snacks taken and offers his own to get the Titans to leave. When Eren shows the two students who are now hungry, Mr. Smith hands them a bean bun each and sends them on their way. While everyone marvels at his diplomatic approach, Eren calls him a crappy teacher who thinks he can buy Titans off by appeasing them. The others defend Mr. Smith, with Jean, Sasha and Connie mentioning how Mr. Smith helped them each in the past. Eren brushes it off as a coincidence. As they get ready to leave, everyone is shocked when Mr. Smith arrives and is revealed to be their faculty advisor; Eren is confused how someone who seemingly likes Titans so much can also be head of the Survey Club.

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