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Traveling Skies (旅の空 Tabi no Sora?) is the 2nd chapter of the 12th volume and the 42nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Sharle and Angel leave the Underground City and proceed to journey back to the Industrial City. Unbeknownst to either one, Fuchs manages to pick up their trail and follows them. Xavi learns Sharle's whereabouts and orders Rixner to find out what she was doing in Stohess and to bring him the identity of Angel.


Klarissa's farewell to Sharle

As both Sharle and Angel get ready to leave, Leo still expresses disbelief about Angel's past exploits and wishes him well. Slightly put off by this, Angel replies that he plans on returning after working on the device due to the Underground City being his home. Klarissa hugs Sharle and wishes her well, informing Angel that she is trusting him with her safety. When Sharle agrees to come back again someday, Klarissa strictly forbids her since they belong to two different worlds, and she is not meant to be there. Saddened, Sharle understands but mentions she will always consider Klarissa as her big sister. Leo states that he intends to join the Survey Corps someday and help with the device as well; then, both Angel and Sharle leave the Underground City and return to the surface.

Traveling via wagon out of the city, Sharle notes with some surprise about the route they are taking. Angel says since her brother is looking for her, the route will take them out towards Trost District and bypassing most of the guards stationed along the major routes; he then inadvertently refers to Sharle as a kid. Angel states it has been sometime since he is had a proper human relationship, and such, has trouble remembering names at first. Sharle asks if they will still be able to get inside the Industrial City due to the recent uprising by the Dissidence Movement.

Angel says that due to it being a top secret location to begin with, security is going to be much heavier than usual but is still hopeful; he chuckles when Sharle states that she owes both Leo and Klarissa a lot for helping her. Angel replies that Sharle must attract people with dark sides to them due to her straight-forward approach. Sharle asks Angel if someday, both worlds can live together as one. After pondering it, Angel does not think it will be an immediate change, but there will be as long as people stay positive and do not abandon their efforts. As they continue down the road, neither notice that Fuchs is in another wagon and following them.

Angel and Sharle discuss the device

Stopping for the night, the driver of the wagon apologizes for the arrangements but Angel says it is fine. Walking away, the driver takes note that many of the women have noticed his new appearance but Angel brushes it aside. As they finish dinner, Angel asks Sharle if she knows what the main flaw in the design of his device is; when Sharle states the main flaw is the weight, Angel admits it is an issue that has plagued him since the beginning and applauds the improvements Xenophon did in his absence. Regaining the spark in his eyes, he asks Sharle if there is anything else that could be considered a flaw: she admits that she never saw it in use but has seen the workings of it and wishes there was an easier way to operate it. Intrigued, Angel asks her to elaborate.

Seeing a juggler nearby, Sharle states being able to use both hands for combat (instead of just one and using the other to control the device) would be better; to solve this, she proposes combining the control grip of the device into the sword handle. Laughing about not considering the possibility before, Angel is certain Sharle's idea will work. Several meters away, Fuchs lurks from behind one of the wagons. Lamenting that he is unable to contact either Rixner or Xavi, he plans to continue shadowing Sharle until they arrive at their destination. Noting that Angel seems to have poor eyesight, Fuchs decides to kill Angel and pulls out a knife. Suddenly, Angel stops talking and stares in Fuchs' direction; taken back by this, Fuchs aborts the plan and stays still. When Sharle asks what is wrong, Angel believes he was imagining things and says they should get some rest due to a long day tomorrow. As they leave, Fuchs notes with some surprise a bead of sweat on his forehead from the close encounter.

Xavi trusts in Fuchs' judgment

At the Inocencio home, Xavi gets an update on Sharle and learns she was in Stohess District. He is visibly surprised to hear she managed to evade the guards he placed, but pleased to hear Fuchs went there on a hunch and is still in pursuit. Informed that Sharle was traveling with an unknown middle-aged man, Xavi notes his special leave time is ending soon and orders the identity of the man to be found.

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