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Underclassmen-Flavored Cookies (クッキーは後輩の味 Kukkī wa kōhai no aji?) is the 3rd side story of the 7th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Isabel and Furlan arrive with cookies to give Levi for his birthday; however, disaster strikes when the cookies get ruined. Can Hange help them in saving the day?


Furlan and Isabel arrive at school with some cookies bought at Costco, hoping to give them to Levi for his birthday; however, Isabel unfortunately trips and drops the cookies, spilling them on the ground. Furlan advises they remain calm, but immediately flees and leaves Isabel all alone. Hange comes by and consoles Isabel, offering to help bake new cookies to replace the ruined ones.

Upon realizing that Hange lives in the same dormitory as Levi, isabel begins to harbor some jealousy but is placated with some chocolate. As Hange begins giving directions, Isabel notes that she is doing all the work in making the cookies while Hange is standing around telling her what to do; this is compounded when Hange earlier said that they will tell Levi the new cookies were made by both of them. When Isabel suggests they both go present the cookies to Levi, Hange insists she do it instead; when Isabel leaves, Hange looks longingly at the portion left behind.

Isabel finds Levi and hands over the bag of cookies; as Levi tries a few, he is curious when Isabel said both herself and Hange made them. Isabel realizes that the reason Hange did not contribute was that they likely did not know how to cook and was embarrassed to say anything. As Isabel goes to find Hange, she is surprised and furious that Hange took the rest of the cookies and made a shop to sell them to other students, with Hange intending to keep all the profits for themselves.

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