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The Underground City arc is the fifth story arc of the Attack on Titan prequel series, Before the Fall.


Having escaped the iron grip of her brother, Sharle learns the famed inventor Angel Aaltonen is possibly living in the infamous Underground City located in Stohess District. Determined to do whatever possible, Sharle travels there to try and find him. Will she be able to survive the harsh and dangerous world that lies beneath the ground? Elsewhere, Kuklo regains consciousness in an unfamiliar place after his fierce duel against Xavi.


Cover Number Title Release date
33 The Imprisoned Princess Flees
 (遁逃の籠姫 Tontō no Kago Hime?)
July 26, 2016
Before the Fall - Chapter 33 CoverXavi and Sharle are able to convince Gloria Bernhart that the latter has never seen Sharle before. The following day, Sharle decides to try to find information on the famed inventor Angel Aaltonen. After escaping a rape attempt, Sharle is able to meet up with a soldier named Hans who had a dagger crafted by Angel. She then makes plans to travel to the last known location of Angel, the infamous Underground City in Stohess District.

Cover Number Title Release date
34 Town of Eternal Night
 (常夜の街 Tokoyo no Machi?)
August 26, 2016
Before the Fall - Chapter 34 CoverXavi is angered about Rixner's actions that led to Sharle almost getting assaulted, but gives him another chance. He stations guards leaving the city to track Sharle's movements. Sharle reaches the Underground City and encounters Angel. He refuses to see her and leaves, causing Sharle to chase after him. She gets lost and then quickly surrounded by thugs.

Cover Number Title Release date
35 Lone Shadow in the Town That Never Sleeps
 (不夜街の孤影 Fu Yagai no Koei?)
September 26, 2016
Before the Fall - Chapter 35 CoverThanks to a timely intervention by Klarissa, Sharle is able to get away from the thugs. The leader of them, Leo, offers to take Sharle to Angel's shop on the edge of the Underground City. After proving herself to him, Angel starts to recollect his friendship with Xenophon and his assistant Corina before a Titan invaded Shiganshina fifteen years prior.

Cover Number Title Release date
36 Craftsmen of Yore
 (職人達の昔日 Shokunin-tachi no Sekijitsu?)
October 26, 2016
Before the Fall - Chapter 36 CoverAngel recalls how he first came up with the design of his device, thanks to his assistant Corina and fellow craftsman Xenophon.

Cover Number Title Release date
37 Sacrificial Cage
 (贄の檻 Nie no Ori?)
November 11, 2016
Before the Fall - Chapter 37 CoverAngel, Xenophon and Corina return back to Shiganshina District in high spirits. However, these high spirits come crashing down when the Titan Cult allows a Titan within the Wall the same day they return.

Cover Number Title Release date
28 Warrior of Vengeance
 (復仇の戦士 Fukkyū no Senshi?)
December 26, 2016
Before the Fall - Chapter 28 CoverAngel is horrified at seeing Corina devoured in front of him. Putting on his device and taking Xenophon's dagger, he leads Mammon outside the Wall in order to try and kill it. He is unable to and is forced to retreat, swearing to kill it someday.

Cover Number Title Release date
39 Succession of the Dream
 (夢の承継 Yume no Shōkei?)
January 26, 2017
Before the Fall - Chapter 39 CoverAngel continues telling both Sharle and Leo about how he tried to avenge his assistant's death at the hands of a Titan. Sharle is able to eventually convince Angel to come out of his exile. Elsewhere, Kuklo wakes up in an unknown location.

Cover Number Title Release date
40 Cottage Meeting
 (陋屋の集い Rōya no Tsudoi?)
February 25, 2017
Before the Fall - Chapter 40 CoverKuklo remembers his duel against Xavi and meets several new members of the Training Academy, including Maria Carlstead's daughter Rosa. He promises the trainees if they work hard, he can put in a good word for them with the Survey Corps. Several days pass and as Kuklo is almost fully healed, he notices the Military Police are close to discovering him.