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The Unnamed final arc[1] is the ninth and final story arc of the Attack on Titan manga.


In the aftermath of Eren's attack on Liberio, the Paradis government is forced to deal with the dual issue of punishing him for his insubordination, and preparing for an inevitable counter-strike from Marley and its allies. However, Eren quickly escapes with the help of a faction of soldiers loyal to him, and sets out to rendezvous with Zeke.


Cover Number Title Release date
107 Visitor
 (来客 Raikyaku?)
July 9th, 2018
Chapter 107 CoverHange visits Eren inside of his cell and recalls two years prior, when Kiyomi visited Paradis Island. Kiyomi reveals that Mikasa is a descendant of a shogun. The military then have a meeting with her. She explains that Zeke had brought them together. Zeke had told her of his true allegiances, having always been loyal to the Eldian Restorationists, despite appearances. He offers Hizuru the opportunity to exploit the resources under Paradis in exchange for their cooperation in his secret plan. Kiyomi divulges the details of this plan: to display the destructive potential of the Earth-shaking, to spend 50 years modernizing Paradis, and to have Historia succeed Zeke as the Beast Titan, bearing as many royal-blooded children as possible. Eren disagrees with the plan, although Historia reluctantly accepts.

Hange admits that they had found no solution, and questions Eren for acting alone. Eren reacts violently, explaining Hange has no power over him or Zeke, before grabbing Hange's collar, asking her what she can do. At the graveyard, Nicolo, Jean, Connie, and Mikasa talk about Sasha before meeting with her family. The Anti-Marleyan Volunteers give Titan injections to Pixis, though he has them arrested due to the current uncertainty around them. Zeke is taken to a Forest of Giant Trees to be held captive. Gabi fakes a seizure, and knocks out the investigating guard, before escaping the prison with Falco. Reiner awakes, wondering where the two children are, and Historia sits outside in a rocking chair, visibly pregnant, when a man implores her to go indoors.

Cover Number Title Release date
108 A Sound Argument
 (正論 Seiron?)
August 9th, 2018
Chapter 108 CoverThe MPs discuss Historia's unplanned pregnancy with a commoner working at her orphanage, that had forced them to change their plans of immediately devouring Zeke. One MP believes Yelena had persuaded Historia, and the volunteers have something planned. Around that time, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, and Connie discuss Eren, who suddenly supports Zeke's plan, and who Connie finds to be a completely different person. While Connie angrily says they should be prepared to have to cut him down, Mikasa reminds them of an event from the previous year that showed how much he cares for them.

Last year, while building a train track, Hange brings news that Hizuru had been unable to open up a diplomatic path. They regret other nations' unwillingness to see them in a positive light, and Mikasa suggests they should meet them face to face. Later on the train, Eren brings up the topic of finding a candidate for his Titan powers. The former 104th volunteer themselves, but Eren refuses, saying they are too special to him. In the present, Mikasa says Eren is moving forward for their sake, but the others disagree, Jean saying he put them at risk and Armin explaining they may need to have him eaten if he can not be trusted. Gabi and Falco rest by a stream, and fight over Gabi taking off her armband. They meet another young girl and before Gabi can attack her, are convinced to go to her house. In Marley, Magath briefs the Warriors of Zeke's likely betrayal. He explains that the world has banded together to form a global military alliance that will destroy Paradis Island in six months. Reiner Braun, however, believes Marley should attack immediately, to go against Zeke's expectations.

Cover Number Title Release date
109 Guides
 (導く者 Michibiku Mono?)
September 7th, 2018
Chapter 109 CoverKaya leads Falco Grice and Gabi Braun to the Blouse stables, which are run by Sasha Blouse's mother and father. The two Warrior candidates pretend to be runaways and are allowed to stay for as long as they need. However, Kaya reveals that she knows they are Marleyans and asks what her mother could have done to earn so much hate that they would have a Titan eat her. Falco apologizes and explains Marley's long term invasion plan. Understanding that they personally had nothing to do with it, Kaya offers to take them to Nicolo, who might be able to help them get back to Marley.

Meanwhile, Hange Zoë deals with insubordination from a number of Survey Corps soldiers who leaked sensitive information to the press. Dot Pixis believes they might have been compromised by Yelena since there was a change in Floch Forster while he was assigned to keeping an eye on her. Hange is disturbed that she finds herself in the same position that Djel Sannes had warned her about years ago. On Hange's orders, Mikasa Ackerman locks up Louise, who had become a soldier because she was inspired by Mikasa's rescue of her in the Battle of Trost District. Louise asks if Mikasa became a soldier because she was in turned saved by Eren Yeager, but Mikasa tells her to keep her mouth closed.

Cover Number Title Release date
110 Counterfeit
 (偽り者 Itsuwari Mono?)
October 9th, 2018
Chapter 110 CoverZeke tells Levi about the time he transformed the citizens of Ragako into Titans. Levi questions him over this, though Zeke professes that he had acted to avoid suspicion. Yelena tells Pixis about her secret meeting with Eren. She explains that she only wanted Eren to recognize her and made a few requests. She claims that her actions had been for Eldia's sake though Pixis is wholly unconvinced that she is being truthful. Hange meets with Onyankopon, and discovers that he is unaware of Yelena's actions. Hange releases him and has him accompany her. Hitch discovers Armin while he is visiting Annie's crystal. They walk together to the military headquarters, and find a large mob protesting for Eren's release.

Mikasa joins up with Armin to request permission to visit Eren from Zackly. He denies them, due to believing Eren is under Zeke's control. Shortly after leaving, an explosion occurs in Zackly's office, killing the Commander-in-Chief and three others. Later that night, the military branches meet to discuss the developments, when a soldier rushes in and tells them that Eren had escaped. On a mountain path, Eren assembles with his Survey Corps followers, who had orchestrated Zackly's assassination. Eren tells the group that they are to locate Zeke. The next morning, while the Corps ride out, Pieck sits reading a paper, having successfully infiltrated the Walls.

Cover Number Title Release date
111 Children of the Forest
 (森の子ら Mori no Kora?)
November 9th, 2018
Chapter 111 CoverThe military has lost over one hundred soldiers due to the defection of Eren Yeager and his followers. Acting Commander-in-Chief Dot Pixis has Hange Zoë and Nile Dok secure the personnel who either know of Zeke Yeager's whereabouts or protect the Queen's residence. Pixis reveals that he plans to negotiate with the "Yeagerists" by offering them knowledge of Zeke's location and that he hopes to bring the two sides together for the sake of Eldia's survival.

Hange takes the remaining members of the 104th with her to investigate a restaurant after noting the line of work taken up by many of the Marleyan prisoners of war. The Blouse family arrives at that same restaurant, where Nicolo now works. Midway through their meal, Falco Grice and Gabi Braun reveal their identities to him, as Gabi tries to warn him of the upcoming Marleyan invasion. However, she admits to killing Sasha Blouse, causing Nicolo to attack her in grief. Falco protects her, taking the blow of a wine bottle that breaks over his head. Sasha's father manages to talk everyone down, realizing that both sides have lost people they cared about. Defeated, Nicolo asks Hange to wash out the unconscious Falco's mouth, because he suspects the wine has Zeke's spinal fluid in it.

Cover Number Title Release date
112 Ignorance
 (無知 Muchi?)
December 7th, 2018
Chapter 112 CoverNicolo is grilled for information concerning the wine. From this, Hange Zoë realizes that Zeke Yeager has lied about his spinal fluid paralyzing its victims. As Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert reassure Gabi Braun that they do not want to kill her, Eren Yeager walks into the room. Meanwhile, the other Yeagerists enter the restaurant, led there by another Marleyan worker. They restrain those present and revealing that they refuse to negotiate with Dot Pixis. They demand that Hange leads them to Zeke.

While Gabi sits nervously, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin sit down to talk. Armin questions Eren over attacking Liberio. Eren declares that he chose to do so of his own free will, though Mikasa disagrees, believing that he is being manipulated. Angered, he begins chastising the two for lacking freedom: Armin for being manipulated by Bertolt Hoover's memories, and Mikasa for her Ackerman heritage. He explains that the Ackermans were designed to protect Eldia's Kings, and as a result, the family instinctively protects one they recognize as their host. Speaking in disgust, Eren tells Mikasa that he has always hated her. Armin and Eren begin a fist fight, though the former is quickly beaten. Elsewhere, Levi Ackerman is informed about Darius Zackly's death, and tells the courier to let Pixis know of his plan to have Zeke eaten. As Levi is lost in his thoughts, Zeke darts off and lets out a scream. Levi's comrades fall from the surrounding trees, transformed into Titans.

Cover Number Title Release date
113 Savagery
 (暴悪 Bōaku?)
January 9th, 2019
Chapter 113 CoverDue to Falco Grice and many soldiers being stunned, Dot Pixis and Hange Zoë both worry, realizing Zeke Yeager must have transformed a group of Titans. In the Titan Forest, Zeke bids Levi Ackerman farewell while making his escape with an escort of three Titans, and leaving Levi to face his former comrades. At first, Levi is hesitant, though he soon steels himself to sacrifice the horde and begins ripping through them. He later catches up to Zeke and forces him to become the Beast Titan; however, Levi takes advantage of the Titan Forest to defeat him. Zeke's unconscious body is dragged out of the forest.

Floch Forster and the Yeagerists bring Hange along with them to Keith Shadis, in order to seize control of the Training Corps. Through a speech and threats of imprisonment to those who do not comply, Floch convinces the trainees to join their cause and beat Shadis up for representing the old system that will lead to Eldia's defeat. On a wagon, Zeke wakes up to find himself trapped with a Thunder Spear in his stomach connected with a wire to his neck. Levi begins to chop Zeke's feet to prevent him from turning into a Titan. In intense agony, Zeke asks where his glasses are, beginning to have a memory of Tom Ksaver as he slips back into unconsciousness.

Cover Number Title Release date
114 Sole Salvation
 (唯一の救い Yuiitsu no Sukui?)
February 9th, 2019
Chapter 114 CoverZeke recalls his childhood and how he was forced to become part of his parents' plan to free Eldia from Marley. He becomes friends with Tom Ksaver, a member of the Titan research team and vows to inherit the Beast Titan from him. He goes on to say he will ensure the success of the plan to take back the Founding Titan. After recalling his memories, Zeke triggers the Thunder Spear, detonating it and catching Levi by surprise.

Cover Number Title Release date
115 Support
 (支え Sasae?)
March 9th, 2019
Chapter 115 CoverFloch Forster, Hange Zoë, and a number of Yeagerists are traveling to a Titan Forest when they hear the explosion caused by Zeke Yeager triggering a Thunder Spear. Zeke believes he is dying and he thinks back to his shared mission with Tom Ksaver and his meeting with his brother, Eren Yeager. Before he dies, a mysterious Titan crawls up to him and tears open its belly, stuffing Zeke inside. Hange and Floch find the remains of Levi Ackerman as Zeke emerges from the Titan, fully healed.

Meanwhile, Yelena has Dot Pixis and other dissenting members of the military assembled in Shiganshina District. Eren goes to meet with the imprisoned Gabi Braun, to have her send out a distress call to Marley in exchange for saving Falco Grice. However, a disguised Pieck stabs the prison guard and pulls a pistol out, pointing it at Eren.

Cover Number Title Release date
116 All Creation
 (天地 Tenchi?)
April 9th, 2019
Chapter 116 CoverPieck lowers her gun and tells Eren Yeager that she cannot shoot him because she suspects that he has a way to use the Founding Titan to defeat Marley, and she wishes to liberate the Eldians in the internment zones. As a proof of her intentions, she offers to show Eren the location of her fellow spies in Paradis. Meanwhile, Yelena fills in the captured Survey Corps soldiers on the details of Zeke Yeager's euthanasia plan for the Subjects of Ymir.

Eren accepts Pieck's offer, and the latter takes Eren and Yelena to the roof of the prison. However, it turns out to be a ruse to lure Eren outside so Porco Galliard can attempt to eat him. Galliard is unable to do more than sever Eren's legs though, before Eren transforms into his Titan. Overhead, an airship fleet led by Theo Magath appears and identifies the smoke signal from Pieck and Galliard, announcing that they have located the Founding Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
117 Judgement
 (断罪 Danzai?)
May 9th, 2019
Chapter 117 CoverThe Marleyan military's air force invades Paradis, while Eren Yeager continues battling Porco Galliard, who is soon joined by Reiner Braun in his Armored Titan form. Pieck and Gabi Braun reunite with General Theo Magath and Colt Grice, and inform them of Falco's whereabouts and their belief that Zeke Yeager may be of royal blood, concluding that they must not allow him to come into contact with Eren to prevent the latter from activating the Founding Titan's powers.

Reiner and Galliard have a hard time subduing Eren, who manages to keep them at bay using the War Hammer Titan's abilities. Eventually, the tide turns with Pieck and Magath coming to their aid with the Cart Titan's artillery. Just after Reiner unsuccessfully attempts to bite Eren's nape, he is struck by debris from the Wall thrown by Zeke's Beast Titan, who tells Eren to leave the rest in his hands.

Cover Number Title Release date
118 Sneak Attack
 (騙し討ち Damashi uchi?)
June 8th, 2019
Chapter 118 CoverZeke continues his barrage attack, destroying numerous airships and keeping the Cart Titan at bay. Meanwhile, Gabi and Colt attempt to save Falco and break him out of prison, while the Survey Corps are forced to join some unlikely allies. As they try to reach Eren, Pieck and Magath deal a devastating blow to Zeke and his Beast Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
119 Brothers Older and Younger
 (兄と弟 Ani to Otōto?)
July 9th, 2019
Chapter 119 CoverZeke Yeager begins to stir after falling from the top of the Wall as Eren fends off Porco Galliard's Jaw Titan. As Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, and the military try to fight off the invading Marleyans, Zeke is horrified when Colt Grice reveals that his younger brother, Falco, has ingested some of Zeke's spinal fluid.

However, this does not stop Zeke from using his scream to transform Falco and all the affected members of the Eldian military into Titans. Falco's Titan attacks Reiner Braun on Zeke's orders, buying Eren time to get free. Reiner believes it would be all right to allow Falco to inherit his Armored Titan, but Galliard emerges from his Titan and sacrifices himself instead. Eren escapes from Reiner, but is then shot by a tearful Gabi Braun.

Cover Number Title Release date
120 A Fleeting Moment
 (刹那 Setsuna?)
August 9th, 2019
Chapter 120 CoverAfter being decapitated, Eren Yeager wakes up in the coordinate, where all the paths converge. Zeke tells him this is possible because he was able to catch Eren's head in his hand before Eren completely died. He tries to get Eren to command Ymir to sterilize the Eldian race, but Eren refuses, saying that he only pretended to go along with Zeke's plan in order to end up here.

However, Zeke is not bound by the vow to renounce war, and Ymir only responds to someone of royal blood. Eren is just a key so Zeke can unlock the Founding Titan's power. Though disappointed in Eren, Zeke chooses to blame their father Grisha for brainwashing him and resolves to save Eren by forcing him to witness their father's memories. Contrary to Zeke's expectations though, he discovers that Grisha was willing to set aside his mission to retake the Founder in favor of staying with his family. Not only that, but Zeke learns that Grisha never stopped thinking about him.


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