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Quote1 The plan is to crush the upperclassmen in a decisive victory! That is why I must carry the basket! I will show them the horror of utter defeat by these two hands!! Quote2
— Jean is confident in being the basket keeper

Upperclassmen are Seriously Scary (〇年生がマジ怖い 〇-nensei ga Maji Kowai?) is the 7th chapter of the 2nd volume and the 15th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Both the first year students and the upperclassmen prepare to face off during the athletic fair. With the losing side having to dance with the Titans at the upcoming dance, the first year students are stunned by how far the upperclassmen will go to win. As Eren tries to rally the first year students back from a significant deficit, Krista asks Annie for her help.


Historia cheers for the first years

Krista cheers for the first years

Shocked by the revelation of the stakes, the underclassmen prepare for the athletics fair, the agreed place and time for the challenge. As several groups try to back out, Eren attempts to rally them together. Just then, Krista appears in a cheerleader's outfit to wish them luck, causing several of the boys to begin feeling lightheaded. Petra reveals the upperclassmen's motivation is that they have experienced dancing with Titans and since no class of first years have ever succeeded in winning such a challenge, is confident they will win. Eren retorts that it just made them even more determined to win.

Hange catches all the buns

Hange catches all the buns

The challenge begins and Sasha is up first against Hange in the bun eating race. The underclassmen are puzzled by Hange's sudden change in disposition and Sasha tries to get ahead; they are surprised to hear that Hange has not eaten in several days in preparation and surges ahead, winning the race. For the ball toss, Jean goes with Bertolt, Armin and Connie. Jean tries using the cleaning equipment to gain an advantage, but gets too cocky and Rico swats him down; this results in Jean getting swarmed by the upperclassmen.

Down significantly in points, Eren again tries to regroup and asks for everyone's help in the next competition. Elsewhere, Annie, due to not participating in the games and seeing no point in attending the event, is about to leave to attend student council business when Krista runs to her asking for her help in cheering on the underclassmen.

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