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Urklyn Reiss (ウルクリン・レイス Urukurin Reisu?)[3] was the oldest son of Rod and his wife, the brother of Frieda, Dirk, Florian, and Abel Reiss, and the oldest half-brother of Historia Reiss.[4]


Urklyn was a tall young man in his late teen years at the time of his death, with shaggy black hair and bright eyes just as his father had. He could be seen wearing a simple, light-colored robe, a dress shirt and a pair of black pants, as was common among men during Reiss family gatherings.[5]


In the year 842, Urklyn watched the death of his uncle Uri Reiss, who bequeathed the First King's power to Urklyn's sister, Frieda. When Frieda's Titan form tried to eat his uncle Uri, he was silently watching the whole scene with other Reiss family members, which excluded Florian Reiss, who was not in the scene.[6] When Frieda arose from her Titan form, Urklyn ran along with the rest of the family to get her.


Prologue arc

Grisha crushes Urklyn to death

In the year 845, when Wall Maria was breached, Grisha Yeager invaded the Reiss chapel, turned into a Titan, and killed most of Reiss family members, including Urklyn. According to Rod Reiss, he was "finally squeezed in Grisha's hand," while reaching out for his father.[4]