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  • My occupation is student
  • I am ~ everything at once ~

//previously Mojojojo13579// content, discussion, and chat mod on AOT wiki

Quote1 Everyone is entitled to their own sorrow, for the heart has no metrics or form or measure. And all of it…irreplaceable. Quote2
— RWBY "White" trailer

About me

I don't really act my age ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but that's fine!

Good day! My name is Valerie, favorite color is purple. I'm a harpist, Asian, and workaholic. Pleased to make your acquaintance ^^. I'm kind of capricious on my bad days but on good days I'm really open minded. Basically I enjoy getting work done, hence why I don't procrastinate and how I still have time to go on Wikia. Besides the AOT fandom I dwell on The Lunar Chronicles wiki, and I'm also a fan of other anime and a web-series called RWBY. But as you can tell, AOT is just my favorite.

Feel free to hmu if you want to talk about anything, really.

Favorite characters in AOT are Sasha and Levi, andddd I think my only ship in AOT is EreRi, but one day I'm sure I'll have more than just one :'). unless shipping Levi with yourself counts as a ship too

My love for AoT attempted to be summarized in just a few paragraphs

Sasha rejoicing

me every Friday

My love for this show probably won't fit onto a single page oops. I'm pretty sure describing my love for this show would exceed any word count I've reached in any history report I've made. So to sum it up, whenever I feel down, I like rerunning AoT just to remind myself that whatever hardship I have, I have to continue on. (ty Eren) I love how AoT supports the idea of accepting life as it is no matter how cruel things can ever get, and that on its own speaks volumes of what this show is truly capable of. It was really a breath of fresh air - definitely my type of anime. Also, I love how the characters are all so very three-dimensional. It's great how there's a different variety of characters, and steadily-paced character development in the show. AOT helped me get through an excruciatingly difficult period of my life, and I'm so very thankful that I got into anime.

The fandom isn't any less lovable. The majority are great conversationalists who are so easy to get along with and are surely the type of people I'm most compatible with. That's why I decided to join the wiki and collaborate in any way possible. ~~ gon fite dem teetans


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