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The Gluttonous Titan[1] was a citizen that lived in Ragako Village until Zeke Yeager transformed she into a Titan via a scream process. It was one of the Titans which took part in the devouring of Mike Zacharias.[2]



As a human, she appeared to be of average build, have short, light hair, wore shorts, as well as a big torso and regular shoes.


This Titan was one of short height, with short hair and a small body. Its most notable features were its abnormally large blue feminine eyes and a protruding nose. It also had a large mouth with constantly exposed teeth, short and stubby legs, short brown hair, and medium-sized muscular arms.


As a Titan, it displayed the ability to fully function at night while attacking Utgard Castle under the Beast Titan's command. Other than that, it seemed to be a regular, mindless Titan.


Clash of the Titans arc

After Mike Zacharias smells Titans in Wall Rose, he informs Thomas immediately, and the Titan is seen walking among the other Titans the Beast Titan created in Ragako.[3]

File:The Beast Titan squeezes the Gluttonous Titan.png

After Mike Zacharias confirms there are nine Titans in Wall Rose, this Titan is seen running while holding its stomach. Then, when Mike falls from a roof after the Beast Titan throws his own horse at him, he is captured by the Titan. It tries to eat him but the Beast Titan orders it to stop. When the Titan ignores his orders and continues chewing Mike, the Beast Titan stops it by squeezing its head, causing its massive eyes to pop out.[4]

After the Beast Titan finishes his attempts at communication with Mike, he allows all the Titans around to eat him. The Titan, its eyes already regenerated, and the rest of the Titans rush over and devour Mike while he screams in horror.[5]

This Titan is next seen in Utgard Castle after Lynne orders the Survey Corps members to get to the roof, among the other Titans roaming around the castle at night. It then meets its demise as it is slain by a Survey Corps member.[6]

People Killed


  • This Titan gets the name "gluttonous Titan" from the Attack on Titan Guidebook.[1]
  • This Titan makes several gag appearances in the fake Volume 18, 19, and 20 previews where it is much smaller (shorter than Armin) and is able to talk. In its first appearance, it comforts a terrified Armin and tells him that it will eat his bullies in exchange for living with Armin in his home. In its next appearance, it keeps its promise by devouring Jean Kirstein and digesting him in its "4D tummy pocket." In its final gag appearance, it demands for Armin to kill it to rid himself of "this disgusting monster," criticizing Armin for his weakness as police sirens sound in the distance. Reluctantly, Armin kills the Titan, promising that he will always think of it as his friend.
  • While the Gluttonous Titan's height was not officially stated in the manga, it was identified as being 3 meters tall in the Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains video game.



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