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The Rumbling arc is the tenth and final story arc of the Attack on Titan manga.


The remaining Survey Corps members form an alliance with what is left of the Marleyan Warrior Unit in order to put an end to the rumbling started by Eren Yeager and save what is left of the world from the hundreds of thousands of Colossus Titans trampling the world beyond Paradis Island.


Cover Number Title Release date
123 Island Devils
 (島の悪魔 Shima no Akuma?)
November 9th, 2019
Chapter 123 Cover.pngThe Survey Corps explores Marley for the first time and learn about the political situation in the outside world. Eren Yeager is quick to pick up on the injustices that the minorities in Marleyan society suffer, whether they are Eldians in the internment zone or immigrant refugees. Hange Zoë hopes to find allies so they can declare Paradis Island's desire for peace and avoid having to go along with Zeke Yeager's plan, but that hope is dashed when the "Association to Protect the Subjects of Ymir" makes it clear that they still consider the Eldians on the island to be worthy of hate.

Back in the present, Eren has unleashed all of the Titans of the Walls. Armin Arlert realizes it is far more than needed if Eren's only intent is repelling the current invasion. Mikasa Ackerman wonders if Eren has always been this way and they never noticed, or if there was something different they could have done or she could have said to avoid coming to this moment. Using the power of the Founding Titan, Eren announces his intention to kill everyone in the outside world in order to protect the people of Paradis.

Cover Number Title Release date
124 Thaw
 (氷解 Hyōkai?)
December 9th, 2019
Chapter 124 Cover.pngGabi Braun leaves Reiner behind so she can save Falco Grice, and rescues Kaya from a Titan along the way. Kaya, in turn, covers for Gabi when a soldier suspects she might be from Marley. The two are conflicted over why they helped each other and Gabi remains with the Blouse family while heading to safety.

Meanwhile, Connie Springer abducts Falco to feed to his mother to make her human again, leaving Jean Kirstein, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert to handle the newly formed Pure Titans, which have moved on to killing Eldian soldiers after they finished with the Marleyan ones. With assistance from a newly freed Keith Shadis they succeed in gathering all the Pure Titans together at the top of the fort in the middle of town and annihilating them with Thunder Spears. Floch Forster returns to restrain Yelena and the other Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. Inside the fort, Armin meets up with Gabi, who lets him know that the Founding Titan undid the hardening on the Armored Titan at the same time as the Walls came down. Armin realizes that this means Annie Leonhart is now free as well.

Cover Number Title Release date
125 Sunset
 (夕焼け Yūyake?)
January 9th, 2020
Chapter 125 Cover.pngHitch Dreyse reunites with Annie Leonhart and the two leave Stohess District, following in the wake of the departing Wall Titans. Annie shares her story with Hitch; how her father adopted and trained her, and how determined she is to reunite with him.

In Shiganshina District, others deal with the aftermath of the battle. Keith Shadis tries to convince the trainees to side with the Yeagerists until they have the opportunity to rise up, Armin Arlert leaves with Gabi Braun in hopes of saving Falco Grice from being fed to Connie Springer's mother, and Floch Forster has the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers imprisoned so they can contemplate whether or not to help the Eldians of Paradis Island. Outside the city, Pieck and Theo Magath are approached by Hange Zoë.

Cover Number Title Release date
126 Pride
 (矜持 Kyōji?)
February 7th, 2020
Chapter 126 Cover.pngUpon meeting up with Theo Magath and Pieck Finger, Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoë suggest that they combine their forces in order to defeat Zeke Yeager and the Yeagerists. Elsewhere, Connie Springer tries to feed Falco Grice to his mother in order to restore her life as a human, but he is foiled by Armin Arlert, who attempts to sacrifice himself in Falco's place and have Connie's mother inherit the Colossus Titan.

Pieck rescues Yelena and Onyankopon from execution and also smuggles out Jean Kirstein while Mikasa Ackerman, Armin, Connie, and Annie Leonhart find Reiner Braun. He is surprised to see them with Gabi Braun and Falco, and Connie informs him that they are now a united front that intends to save the world.

Cover Number Title Release date
127 Night of The End
 (終末の夜 Shūbatsu no Yoru?)
March 9th, 2020
Chapter 127 Cover.pngThe remnants of the Survey Corps, Marleyan military, and Anti-Marleyan Volunteers gather in a small and wary group to stop Eren Yeager. Still, several of them find it difficult to understand and trust one another, given that they have been fighting for so long. Annie Leonhart is concerned that Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert have no alternative if they fail to reason with Eren, and Jean Kirstein learns the truth behind the death of Marco Bott. But they also realize that they have only been fighting because none of them took the time to talk before, and they are now. Despite this, enraged at Marco's death, Jean attacks Reiner Braun.

Hange Zoë plans to go to the harbor and retrieve Kiyomi Azumabito's flying boat to approach the Founding Titan, but once they are on their way, Pieck Finger returns from scouting ahead to announce that the Yeagerists are aware of their plans and have already taken over the harbor.

Cover Number Title Release date
128 Traitor
 (裏切り者 Uragirimono?)
April 9th, 2020
Chapter 128 Cover.pngTheo Magath and Hange Zoë spy on the Yeagerists that have taken over the harbor when they notice plumes of steam on the horizon. Realizing that the Wall Titans have reached Marley, they regroup with the remnants of the Survey Corps and the Warrior Unit to plan their next move. As Floch Forster threatens Kiyomi Azumabito and her engineers, Armin Arlert and Connie Springer try to obtain the Azumabito family's flying boat without bloodshed.

However, their plan goes awry when Kiyomi attacks Floch and provokes the Yeagerists into retaliating. Mikasa Ackerman is forced to break into the building to defend her, revealing herself and her companions as traitors to the Yeagerist cause. Connie kills his former classmates from the Training Corps to secure the flying boat while Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhart transform into their Titans.

Cover Number Title Release date
129 Retrospective
 (懐古 Kaiko?)
June 9th, 2020
Chapter 129 Cover.pngTheo Magath and Hange Zoë discuss a plan to reach Marley before most of the continent can be destroyed by the Wall Titans due to the fact that they do not have enough time to follow the original plan of preparing the flying boat at the harbor. After Kiyomi Azumabito's suggestion, they decide to steal a ship and tow the flying boat to Odiha in Marley where it can be serviced and prepared.

The Armored and Female Titans protect the Azumabitos as they run for the ship, while the Survey Corps fight the Yeagerists to buy time to get the ship's boilers working. Pieck Finger inside her Cart Titan carries several passengers as they overlook the battle occurring. Falco Grice sees that Reiner and Annie are getting overrun and runs into the battlefield, cutting open his hand causing his transformation into the Jaw Titan despite Pieck's warnings. Seeing that the Yeagerists are losing the battle, Floch Forster tries to land a Thunder Spear into the ship's hull to sink it but is shot down by Gabi Braun. Magath stays behind after the ship leaves and joins up with Keith Shadis to destroy the other ship at port so that the Yeagerists cannot follow.

Cover Number Title Release date
130 The Dawn of Humanity
 (人類の夜明け Jinrui no Yoake?)
July 9th, 2020
Chapter 130 Cover.pngEren Yeager recalls the events leading up to the present day: how he pretended to side with his brother Zeke and Yelena, how he shared his true plan with Floch Forster and Historia Reiss, and how he learned that Mikasa Ackerman's devotion to him has nothing to do with being part of the Ackerman clan.

While the Survey Corps and Warrior Unit continue onwards to Odiha, Eren and his army of Wall Titans break through an allied naval defense and march into Marley.

Cover Number Title Release date
131 Rumbling
Chapter 131 Cover.pngThe Wall Titans continue on their path of destruction. Ramzi and Halil, two refugee children, join crowds of civilians and refugees trying to flee a seaside town, only to be surrounded by the Titans climbing through the mountains. As the Titans annihilate the town and its inhabitants, Eren Yeager reflects on his interaction with Ramzi around a year ago, regret for his inability to change the future, and his tearful apology towards the boy. He reminisces his childhood when Armin Arlert regaled him on the world beyond the Walls, before a younger incarnation of Eren declares the sight of the outside world as the ultimate freedom. Through the paths, he inquires an adult Armin about his opinion.

With Annie Leonhart snapping him out of his vision, Armin finds himself back on the ship, underway to Odiha. He and Annie talk about why he kept seeing her while she was trapped in her crystal. Armin confesses his feelings for her, but Annie concludes it is because he is a good person. Armin corrects her assumption, referring to himself as a monster. Despite that, he still retains optimism that somewhere out there could be the better world that he and Eren dreamed of as children.

Cover Number Title Release date
132 Wings of Freedom
Chapter 132 Cover.pngThe ship arrives in Odiha and the Azumabito engineers begin repairs on the flying boat so the Survey Corps and Warrior Unit can chase after Eren Yeager. The city has been abandoned, and by now most of Marley has been destroyed. Yelena believes Eren is heading for Fort Salta at the southern end of the country. Annie Leonhart decides to part ways with the group at this time, and stays on the ship to look after Gabi Braun and Falco Grice, who are being left behind.

Before they can leave, Floch Forster reveals himself and damages the fuel tank to the flying boat, forcing them to stay longer than anticipated and putting them in danger of being overtaken by the Rumbling. Hange Zoë decides to be the one to stay behind and names Armin Arlert the 15th Commander of the Survey Corps. Thanks to Hange's sacrifice, defeating enough Wall Titans to buy them time, the Azumabitos are able to finish repairs and fueling, allowing the Survey Corps and Warriors to take off.

Cover Number Title Release date
133 Sinners
 (罪人達 Tsumibitotachi?)
October 9th, 2020
Chapter 133 Cover.pngThe flying boat heads for Fort Salta and Armin Arlert holds a meeting to plan their confrontation with Eren Yeager. He only wants to kill him as a last resort if dialogue fails. However, Eren pulls all the Eldians on the flying boat into the Paths to inform them that his mind is set, and the only way to stop the Rumbling will be to stop him from breathing.

On the ship heading towards Hizuru, Falco Grice sees a memory from Zeke Yeager, which he attributes to the fact he first became a Titan through the use of Zeke's spinal fluid. He believes he can use knowledge from this memory to make his Jaw Titan fly. Elsewhere, near Fort Salta, the Eldian refugees from Liberio are hoping to steal an airship to escape the Rumbling, but before they arrive, the airships begin lifting out of the fort to attack the approaching Titans.

Cover Number Title Release date
134 In the Depths of Despair
 (絶望の淵にて Zetsubō no Fuchi nite?)
November 9th, 2020
Chapter 134 Cover.pngThe Marleyan military makes its final stand against the advancing Wall Titans, using a squadron of airships from Fort Salta. The fort commander intends to bombard them from on high, but a surprise movement from the Attack Titan causes him to prematurely begin the attack. The Beast Titan forms from the Attack Titan's spine and attacks the airships with repeated volleys of debris that break through their hulls and canisters of explosives. It single-handedly destroys the entire squadron.

The refugees who had hoped to escape via airship fall into despair, but the flying boat carrying the Warrior Unit and the Survey Corps arrives. Low on fuel, Onyankopon refuses to leave the plane and pledges to get them close enough for the combined team to jump. Armin Arlert calls out the Beast Titan as their target. On the way down Reiner Braun transforms into the Armored Titan to protect the others from the Beast Titan's barrage as the Survey Corps grapple on to one of the Founding Titan's spines and Pieck Finger lands as the Cart Titan, carrying a belt of explosives.

Cover Number Title Release date
135 Battle of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 135 Cover.png
  • Manga
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This article is about the battle of Fort Salta. For the 135th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, see Battle of Heaven and Earth (Chapter).

Quote1.png You turned your backs on Paradis in spite of being "island devils" to stand on the side of humanity to the end. You'd probably become the most respected beings in this world. Quote2.png
— Eren Yeager admits his foreknowledge of his defeat to Armin Arlert[1]

The Battle of Heaven and Earth (天と地の戦い Ten to Chi no Tatakai?) was a final effort made by the Marleyan military, the Warriors, and former members of the Survey Corps against Eren Yeager in an attempt to bring an end to the Rumbling at Fort Salta. This resulted in the death of Eren Yeager, Zeke Yeager, and the anomaly responsible for the Power of the Titans, ending of the Rumbling and eliminating the Power of the Titans from the world.


Towards the end of the surprise attack from Marley on the island of Paradis, Zeke Yeager let out a scream that transformed many Eldians into Titans that quickly overwhelmed the surviving Marleyan soldiers. As Zeke went to reunite with his brother Eren, Warrior candidate Gabi Braun shot Eren in the neck and decapitated him; however, the Founding Titan that was residing within Eren saved him and due to Zeke making contact with Eren's head, both were sent to the realm where the spirit of Ymir Fritz resided. The two brothers tried persuading her to join them for their own means, but Ymir chose to side with Eren; this caused the Wall Titans to break out of the three Walls on the island while simultaneously generating a new Titan body for Eren and imprisoning Zeke within the Paths.

Using the Founding Titan, Eren mentally sent a message to all surviving Eldians in both Marley and on Paradis, declaring that the Rumbling will begin and all the enemies outside of Paradis will be destroyed. Soon, all the Wall Titans began marching off Paradis towards the continent of Marley. Survey Corps Commander Hange Zoë and Levi Ackerman encountered General Theo Magath and Pieck Finger, the holder of the Cart Titan and decided to form a truce for the time being to deal with the common threat both sides now faced. Hange and Levi managed to find and recruit Mikasa Ackerman, Jean Kirstein, Armin Arlert and Connie Springer from the Survey Corps and Warriors Annie Leonhart and Reiner Braun, along with Falco Grice and Gabi to try and stop the Rumbling; Jean and Pieck would use subterfuge to also take Anti-Marleyan Volunteers Yelena and Onyankopon with them to help with the efforts. Arriving at the port where the Azumabito flying boat was located, the assembled group infiltrated the Yeagerists stationed there and were eventually discovered; Reiner and Annie used their Titans, and Pieck and Falco joined them as support with the latter transforming into the Jaw Titan for the first time. After they secured the flying boat, Magath volunteered to stay behind and sacrificed himself along with Keith Shadis, another soldier who traveled there on his own and disabled the rail system to the port. The two were able to successfully delay the Yeagerists from catching up by blowing up the Yeagerist ship in the harbor, killing themselves and many of the enemy soldiers; unbeknownst to any of them, Yeagerist Floch Forster managed to anchor himself to their ship and followed them to their destination in Odiha. He fired several rounds into the ship's fuel canister but was swiftly killed by Mikasa.

As the group splits up, Hange volunteered to stay behind to fight the quickly approaching Wall Titans and equipped themselves with several Thunder Spears. They then appointed Armin as their successor and the newest Commander of the Survey Corps. Reiner and Pieck went with the group going on the flying boat, but Annie wished to stay behind; Reiner apologized for his prior actions against her and asked Annie to guard Falco and Gabi while they stay on the Azumabito ship bound towards Hizuru. The two teams left the harbor as Hange took out several Wall Titans before ultimately losing their life.

The battle

Early efforts

As the flying boat travels towards Fort Salta, Armin notes that due to obtaining the War Hammer Titan, Eren may not be residing within the nape of the Founding Titan and discusses with both the Warriors and Corps members about various means to incapacitate the Founding Titan. Suddenly, they are transported to the Paths and told by Eren that he will not stop the Rumbling and the only way they can stop him is to kill him; promising not to remove their free will, he transports his former allies back to the flying boat.[2] The Survey Corps arm themselves with their vertical maneuvering equipment and explosives to detonate at the base of the Founding Titan's head.

While leaving on the Azumabito boat, Falco and Gabi plead with Annie that they can still help with the efforts to stop the Rumbling; due to ingesting part of Zeke's spinal fluid, Falco recalls memories of a former Beast Titan that was capable of flight and is confidant he can do the same. After Kiyomi, Yelena and the crew abandon ship, Falco does indeed generate a avian form of the Jaw Titan and flies after the direction of the flying boat with both Annie and Gabi riding atop his back.[3][4]

As both groups head towards a rendezvous, the Marleyan military has received numerous reports of the Wall Titans quickly overrunning the continent; as survivors and refugees begin to reach Fort Salta, war secretary Muller orders bombers to drop explosives on the quickly approaching Titans. Unfortunately, the Founding Titan summons Zeke's Beast Titan form and shoots down the airships with projectiles and eliminates all of them, rendering the fort defenseless. The flying boat is struck by several projectiles and the left wing is destroyed; Armin orders the Beast Titan to be a top priority target and as Onyankopon maneuvers the damaged ship directly over the Founding Titan, the soldiers jump and attach themselves to various spines protruding from the back of the Founding Titan; both Reiner and Pieck jump as well, transforming into the Armored and Cart Titans.

Battle on the Founding Titan

The Nine Titans of the past are summoned

The group notices that Zeke's Beast Titan dissolved soon after Reiner defeated it, alerting them that Zeke was not inside it. As the others retreat so Armin can transform into the Colossus Titan, he is captured by another Beast Titan that was formed resembling an okapi. Many more Titans begin to spawn atop the Founding Titan's back, which react with hostility and drive the soldiers back. Pieck realizes that the Titans they are facing are resurrected versions of the Nine Titans from over the last two thousand years; the soldiers soon recognize several including Ymir, Bertolt and both Marcel and Porco Galliard. Pieck evades the Titans to reach Eren's nape but as she prepares to detonate the explosives, she is stabbed with several pikes made from former War Hammer Titans. Reiner is bested by Bertolt's resurrected Colossus Titan and flung at the soldiers, knocking Connie unconscious and damaging Reiner and Jean's vertical maneuvering equipment. As they hang stranded underneath the Founding Titan, the soldiers are saved by the arrival of Falco's Jaw Titan and carried away before the other Titans can intercept it.

As they approach Fort Salta, the soldiers try to come up with their next move. Gabi reveals that when Eren's Founding Titan spawned in Shiganshina, a large centipede creature erupted from his body that reconnected his neck and believes that it could happen if the head and neck are separated once again. Levi decides to stay aboard the Jaw Titan due to his injuries and provide support with Gabi while the others return to the Founding Titan and split into two teams: Mikasa, Connie and Annie will track down the Titan that took Armin while Jean and Reiner travel towards the head and nape where the explosives remain wrapped around the Founding Titan's neck. Falco avoids a barrage of arrows shot towards them from the various War Hammer Titans and after depositing both teams, continues circling around the Founding Titan so Gabi can disable the Titans with her rifle.[5]

Reiner gets overrun by the numerous War Hammer Titans and is repeatedly shot and stabbed with arrows and pikes generated by them. Having been pinned down near the nape of the Founding Titan, Pieck emerges from the Cart Titan and begins to repeatedly transform and tears apart numerous Titans nearby. Towards the rear of the Titan, Annie is tossed around several times by Bertolt's Colossus Titan and the soldiers begin to express worry about their plan; however, Mikasa spots the okapi Titan that took Armin and signals to Annie to throw her towards it. Despite this, more Titans spawn and corner Mikasa while keeping her and the others away from the okapi Titan. Without warning, many of the spawned Titans begin to turn against the others and provide support for the beleaguered soldiers; unbeknownst to any of them, Armin encountered Zeke Yeager within the Paths and the two managed to awaken several of their predecessors including Ymir, the Galliard brothers, Bertolt, Grisha Yeager, Eren Kruger and Tom Ksaver. Asking them to lend him their strength, Zeke is able to convince them to utilize their Titans to fight the Founding Titan.[6]

Taking advantage of the turn of events, Levi notices the okapi Titan as well and instructs Gabi to shoot it in the head; Mikasa also coordinates to slice apart the Titan's jaw and freeing Armin. Armin blasts the okapi Titan off the Founding Titan with a Thunder Spear and Connie frees him by severing the Titan's tongue. Zeke emerges from the Founding Titan and calls out to Levi; Zeke remarks about how life truly is worth living and that he was unworthy in life to notice it before Levi flies over and swiftly decapitates him before returning back to the Jaw Titan.[7]

Emergence of the source

Reaching her limit, Pieck is taken away by Jean and tells him about the explosive pack still around the Founding Titan's neck. Getting her to safety, Jean travels to it and curses Eren before detonating the explosives. This blows off the head of the Founding Titan and as it falls towards the ground, the centipede creature does indeed reemerge to try and reconnect it; Reiner flies past Jean and wrestles it to try and keep away from Eren's head. Informed that Armin will try to destroy Eren by transforming into the Colossus Titan, Jean rendezvous with Pieck and they retreat to the Jaw Titan with the others as Falco flies back to Fort Salta. Armin is held in the hands of Ksaver's Beast Titan and Bertolt's Colossus Titan, thanking their predecessors for helping them achieve their goal; he then transforms and blows apart the rest of the Founding Titan's body with the force of the explosion.

The Survey Corps and Warriors fly back to Fort Salta and as Falco touches down, the Warriors reunite with their loved ones. The Survey Corps ponder that they were able to achieve the impossible and stopped the Rumbling. Armin's Colossus Titan emerges from the blast crater unharmed while Reiner's Armored Titan slowly gets up nearby. Due to the mass amounts of steam covering the area, they believe Eren was killed and make their way to Fort Salta as well. Just then, a large flash comes from the crater and Eren emerges in a Titan body similar in appearance and size to the Colossus Titan; Armin confronts him and begins to fight his former friend, vowing to stay until the very end. At the same time, Reiner notices the source survived also and it begins to billow a gas that floats towards the fort.

The inhabitants in Fort Salta notice this as well and Connie notes that the gas is similar to the one expelled in Ragako that turned the village into Titans; realizing what is about to happen, Levi quickly orders Mikasa and Pieck to get back aboard Falco with him and depart. Jean and Connie are left behind and they place their hopes on the others to finish the mission; soon after, they, Gabi, Mr. Leonhart, Karina Braun and all the other Eldians are transformed into Titans and quickly dive off the plateau to defend the source from Reiner. Annie and Pieck immediately transform to help Reiner but all three are quickly overwhelmed by the swarm of Titans.

As Levi tries to get Mikasa to focus, Armin is beaten by Eren's Titan; despite this, he is able to restrain Eren long enough to damage him. At the same time, both Levi and Mikasa figure out that Eren is located within the mouth of the Titan; Levi fires a Thunder Spear that blows apart some of the teeth in Eren's mouth big enough for Mikasa to get through. She sees Eren's head and spine suspended from the roof of the Titan's mouth and is momentarily taken back when Eren looks towards her and acknowledges her presence. Mikasa recovers and vows to always remember Eren; she then severs his head and kisses Eren goodbye as Ymir looks on.[8]


Once Eren Yeager is killed by Mikasa Ackerman, Ymir Fritz is freed and the Power of the Titans disappears. The surviving Eldians are released as well but are quickly confronted by those of the Marleyan military; both sides learn that the Titans are no more due to the death of Eren Yeager, which Armin claims responsibility for.[9]

Three years after the Battle of Heaven and Earth, the survivors of the battle embark to Paradis as ambassadors for Marley to begin peace negotiations with Paradis. As they sail for the island, they read a letter from Historia Reiss which explains that the remaining Yeagerists have formed an army to defend Paradis from the threat of the outside world.[9]





Cover Number Title Release date
136 Devote Your Hearts
 (心臓を捧げよ Shinzou o Sasageyo?)
January 9th, 2021
Chapter 136 Cover.pngThe team regroups on the back of Falco Grice's flying Jaw Titan and decides to head back for the two members Falco was unable to rescue; Armin Arlert and Pieck Finger. They split into two teams. Reiner Braun and Jean Kirstein land near the front of the Founding Titan where Pieck had been impaled by a familiar War Hammer Titan. She is able to break free on her own though and joins the fight to hold off the Titans long enough for Jean to reach the detonator, though the odds look grim.

Towards the other end of the Founding Titan, Annie Leonhart, Mikasa Ackerman, and Connie Springer form the second team and begin pursuit of the Titan that swallowed Armin. It is the only Titan that runs away from them, while the others on the Founder's back continue to block them. Inside the Titan, Armin is frustrated by his inability to get his body to move, knowing that everyone is likely to die without his help. In his despair, he notices the ground is actually sand, and he is in the Path. While he ponders how best to make use of this, he realizes he is not alone. Zeke Yeager is here and says he also has been eaten by Ymir Fritz.

Cover Number Title Release date
137 Titans
 (巨人 Kyojin?)
February 9th, 2021
Chapter 137 Cover.pngZeke Yeager and Armin Arlert converse in the Paths about the nature of life and how in her fear, Ymir Fritz managed to escape to a world without death. Zeke does not believe escape is possible, and that it is pointless since to live also means to eventually die. However, Armin speaks about personal moments that are precious to him, even if they are not in the service of continuing their species, and Zeke realizes that he has moments like those that he cherishes as well. This leads to them meeting several previous Titan inheritors who had passed away before them and they chose to connect with those they are closest to before requesting their help.

In the outside world, some of the Titans change sides, with Bertolt Hoover, Ymir, and the Galliard brothers' Titans moving to protect Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhart. Mikasa Ackerman catches up with the Beast Titan that had eaten Armin, and with help from Gabi Braun, manages to cut him free. Jean Kirstein grabs the detonator and triggers the explosives to blow off the Founding Titan's head and Reiner tackles the centipede-like spine that emerges, trying to reconnect with it. Falco Grice picks up most of the team on his flying Jaw Titan save for Reiner and Armin, and clears the area so Armin is free to transform into the Colossus Titan and destroy the Founder's body.