Quadrupedal-type Titan (Anime)

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The Quadrupedal-type Titan is an Intelligent Titan with a quadrupedal form acting as a mule in Zeke's army.


Quadrupedal form

The Quadrupedal-type Titan stands out as unusual among the Intelligent Titans for its quadrupedal form, which may be the source of its "Quadrupedal-type Titan" name.[1]


Return to Shiganshina arc

After the Beast Titan and his army transform, the Quadrupedal Titan can be seen among them acting as a mule-like Titan carrying crates and barrels strapped to its back.[2] When Erwin Smith sees this, he believes this Titan isn't with the rest of the army. Instead, he theorizes that this Titan has intelligence and acted as a scout to warn Reiner Braun of their incoming approach.[1]


  • There have been crawling Titans shown before, but this is the first time a Titan walking on all fours has been seen being used to carry things.



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