I've been dinking around various fandoms for longer than is reasonable, but Attack on Titan has become something special, so I decided to get more involved.  I'm also an accuracy nut who gets annoyed seeing misinformation, so that's a bit of an asset here...

To Do List

  • Clean up the Military Police manga page (what am I, Marlowe?)
  • Fill out Harsh Mistress of the City character pages
  • Finish Harsh Mistress of the City Volume 2 summary
  • Fill out summaries and overviews for all the Spoof on Titan chapters
  • Writing Garrison Girl summary (writing Season 3 episode sucked up all my time back when I first read it)
  • After the anime's Return to Shiganshina arc is far enough in, I need to revise the Aftermath section of the Coup d'état (Anime) page to match the manga version (Thunder Spears developed from suppressed tech, Eren's new hardening plugging the breach, etc.).

My Favorite Characters

Jean is me without my filter on. Erwin is who I'd like to be. And Nile has no good reason for being on this list other than I like him.

My Stuff

Manga (paperbacks)

  • Attack on Titan Vol 11-25 (16-20 are the special editions with the deck of cards and OAVs)
  • No Regrets Vol 1-2
  • Spoof on Titan Vol 1-2


  • Harsh Mistress of the City Vol 1-2
  • Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure
  • Garrison Girl: An Attack on Titan Novel

Other Books

  • Attack on Titan Character Encyclopedia


  • Attack on Titan Season 2 Original Soundtrack
  • Jean Kirstein Character Image Album
  • Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover Character Image Album
  • Erwin Smith Character Image Album


  • Attack on Titan (PS4)
  • Attack on Titan Deck-Building Game (Tabletop)


  • Erwin Smith Nendoroid

And thanks to a Humble Bundle I own the vast majority of the manga (including spin-offs) in ebook form as well.

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