Basically my theory is that when Eren tells Mikasa he hated her for always clinging to him because of her Ackerman instincts . . .

1 . He said this to push her away so she wouldn't get in the way of his plans and try to stop him .

2 . He wanted to try to get her to break her habit of constantly trying to protect him once and for all because in truth , he desperately wants to be the one to protect her instead but he ' s never felt strong enough when compared to her .

3 . He wanted to let her know that he was hurt to find out that the only reason why she shows that she cares about him ( he thinks and I believe he ' s wrong ) is because she is being " controlled " by her instincts and not because she actually loves him out of her own free will .

4 . He actually hates himself because he thinks that he is the one who drove her to ' slave ' after him and he wouldn't want to do that to anyone , especially Mikasa .

When Armin says " is that the freedom you wanted ? The freedom to hurt Mikasa ? Who ' s the real slave . . . ? " You can see from his facial expression that he ' s about to lose his cool when he says " who are you calling a slave ? " He ' s extremely hurt and not just because of what Armin has just said . He ' s hurt because he ' s reminded by Armin of how he hurt Mikasa and although he was the one to call her a ' slave ' , he can ' t stand to hear these words coming out of someone else ' s mouth , which means he wishes that what he ' s saying isn ' t true to an extent . What is your take on this ? And do you think we ' ll get an apology from him ? Mikasa removed her scarf and left it behind before battle but she wasn ' t alone when she did so , another soldier brought this to her attention and Mikasa confirmed that she ' s leaving it behind . Is this closure for Mikasa to stop following Eren ? Will Eren get hold of the scarf himself from the soldier who was with her and realise what he ' s done when it ' s all over ? I think although the Ackerman instincts make Mikasa strong and protective , I don ' t think she would be as protective of Eren if she wasn't in love with him . She even tells him " it ' s because it ' s you Eren " .

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