Ive read part of the manga,(60 to 118) and  to 119,(Don't worry I won't spoil),so while I'm w8ing for 120,but where does all this titanic power come from.The course of living things?,the devil,ymir turning to a god and all that.But my questions are pretty direct,and yes,I know how stupid my question is

1.What could also be in a Titan's syringe? (Sides Spinal Fluid)

2.Can this implemented in real life?

3.Why hasn't Eren made a move on Mikasa on chapters before the 4 year time skip

4.Couldn't Eren just find Historia and use the Titan Power to end this.

And finally

Will Attack on Titan end by Euthanasia?

Anyways,I'm aware of the stupidity in this question.

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