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Attack on titan is a epic and awesome anime created by Hanjime Isiyama, the main prognostist eren yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and armin Arlet join the survey corps to make their dream come true, seeing the outside world beyond the walls. The barricade betwee them and their dream is the walls and the giant-man eating humanoids the titans. Eren yeager vows to killed each and every titan to get revenge for a titan eating his mother right before his eyes. He was discovered he is a titan shifter. Grisha yeager eren's farther injects the titan serum to him and eren's pure titan devovears grisha yeager another titan shifter and eren returned to his human form not remembering the events that happened. Eren turned to a 15 meter titan when he was swallowed by another titan at trost district. Killing every titan who comes. Captain Levi Ackerman , humanity's strongest soldier was in charge of monitoring eren while section commander Zoe Hange experimented on eren.

Attack on titan called shortly AOT 1st season was released on 2014 and the 4th and final season 2021.

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