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This episode... was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen...The episode is called "A Small Blade, Defense of Trost Part 3" and it starts off as a recap of the newfound enemy of humanity and we get the picture of the three Walls that protect the remaining population. We also get a recap of the story so far in Wall Rose and here is where the episode really starts. First, we see one of the commanders telling a group of soldiers to let him pass so he could go help out in the fight against the Titans invading Trost, much to the disagreement of the soldiers. The female soldier was trying to get him to stay but was stopped when the commander told her that if she said one more word, he would consider it as treason and punish her.

Meanwhile, Mikasa was surprised to see that not a single soldier had climbed the wall although the signal for retreat had already been given. She turns her sights to what seems to be HQ and notices that it was crawling with Titans who were trying to get in. Inside the building, a tiny group of soldiers were hiding from the Titans and we see that one of them was trying to fix his gun. When he succeeded, one of the girls asked him what good did that do to them and in an instant, the boy killed himself, leaving the rest of the soldiers traumatized. Now we find out the reason why no one had retreated: they were all out of gas. Connie (who was the only one who was actually trying to think of something while the rest of the pathetic weaklings had already given up) was telling Jean that there had to be something they could do only to have Jean say that it was hopeless and that they were all going to die (so much for having hope -.-)

Jean said that the support squad probably couldn't supply them with gas because they had been surrounded by Titans which gave Connie even more determination to do something instead of sitting around all day depressed and waiting to die. Jean retorted that they had no one capable enough to take control of the squads and that they couldn't fight the Titans that had infiltrated the gas storage because of the potential destruction of the gas tanks. Then, Jean proceeded to say how boring his life had been and Sasha was trying to get everyone pumped up and ready to get back into action, to no avail. Mikasa makes an appearance once again and asks Annie if she had seen Eren's unit, however, Annie said she had not seen them and that she hadn't seen anyone go over the wall. On that note, Reiner pointed to Armin, who was completely out of it due to the shock he was still in and Mikasa proceeded to go over to him.

When Armin heard Mikasa call out his name, he started freaking out, asking himself how he was supposed to face her after what had happened. When Mikasa asked where was Eren, he looked up at her with tears running down his face and she instantly knew that something had happened. Armin told her that Thomas Wagner, Nic Tius, Mylius Zeramuski, Mina Carolina and Eren Jaeger had all died heroic deaths in the line of battle, much to everyones astonishment. As Armin was begging Mikasa for forgiveness, she told him that now was not the time to be emotional and told Marco that they're objective was to replenish their gas supply and make it over the wall.

Marco told her that even with her around, there were too many Titans but Mikasa said that she could do it on her own and that she was stronger than all of them. She gave a speech about how she could kill them all and that if they wanted to coward in fear, they were more than welcome to do so but as for her, she was going to fight and that if she fights and loses she dies but if she fights and wins she lives. That speech gave them all the motivation to fight and they take off after her (thats the way i like it). While the others were admiring the way Mikasa killed off the Titans, Armin noticed that she was drowning her pain through action but at the pace she was going, she was going to run out of gas in no time and that's exactly what happened. When Armin saw this, he took off in Mikasa's direction and Connie followed, telling Jean to lead the squads because they needed his skills.

We see Mikasa on top of a roof and she was thinking to herself that once again she had lost her family and that she had nothing left to live for as a 15 meter class Titan came her way. We switch to Jean and his group and he is telling himself that they there was no way of getting to HQ without making sacrifices and in that instant, we see a soldier named Tom who ran out of gas and was grabbed by a Titan. Another soldier came to the rescue but sadly enough, he also got eaten along with Tom and a female soldier. This left Jean questioning himself and if that he had the right state of mind and the qualities to become a leader. We come back to the Titan (who was the first one i have seen so far that actually has a nice smile instead of some freaky smile that says "you look good and i'm gonna eat you")  coming towards Mikasa. She says that she had lived a good life and just when the Titan was gonna grab her, she chopped his hand off, leaving her confused as to why she was still fighting.

As she was evading the Titan, we see another Titan appear around the corner and Mikasa had a quick flashback of Eren telling her to fight. She said that she was sorry and that she wasn't going to give up as both Titans started getting closer and MIkasa said that if she died, she wouldn't remember Eren anymore and she couldn't let that happen. When she was about to spring into action, the Titan that was in back of her punched the other Titan's lights out and started stomping on him, making sure he'd never stand up again. Unlike other Titans, This one's hair was shoulder length and his ears, eyes, nose and tongue were more profined and sharp. He also appeared to be more physically fit and muscular than most other Titans (the majority of the fat and ugly ones). Mikasa was in shock, a Titan was killing its own kind... that was not normal. Armin then spots Mikasa and rescues her and Connie arrives asking if they were okay. Two Titans show up in front of them and most of the times that would be a horrible situation but the "abnormal Titan" slapped the head clean of the other's shoulders and it smacked against a tower.

The three of them are petrified when they saw that the abnormal Titan crushed the back of the other's neck in order to avoid the regeneration of the head and even more so when they noticed that the Titan was not interested in them. Armin then gives Mikasa his gas tanks and his blades but she said that she was not gonna leave him behind. The episode ends with Mikasa saying to herself that the roar of the abnormal Titan was like the "Reification of Mankind's Anger."


Alright so this episode, once again, was beautiful as always. The animation was amazing and the music fit every single scene perfectly. I really liked the fact that they add some english songs as part of the soundtrack and it seems they are trying to win over some American viewers.Character development was quite visible here and I think that Armin did a good job in recognizing Mikasa's skills as the best in their forces. The progress of the story was excellent and It really makes me and all the Anime and Manga lovers happy that the story so far is following the manga very closely which not all animes do. Overall, this episode has been the best for me and I'm sure that future episodes will be even better. I give this episode 5 out of 5 stars ^.^