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This is my first review ever so please be gentle when pointing out my mistakes thank you! ^.^ OKAY! So, episode 6 of Attack on Titan titled "The World She Saw, Battle of Trost Part 2" starts off where episode 5 left us hanging: Armin was being woken up by Connie who found him passed out on a rooftop. Poor Armin then remembered what had happened to his squad and let out another one of his yells (i commend his voice actress for the convincing scream) saying that they should leave him there to die because he was absolutely useless. Connie told him to calm down but Ymir told him that without a doubt they were all dead. Then, Ymir asked herself why was Armin the only one to survive and that Eren and the others didn't deserve the ending that they got (which they didn't. Poor Thomas T-T) At this statement, Connie got mad at Ymir and threatened to "shut her mouth for good" only to have Christa interfere and say that "it was only natural that they were on edge since their friends were dying around them." Armin then apologizes for being a bother and takes off on his 3DMG, starting to have flashbacks about Eren and Mikasa helping him out back in Shinganshina. Because of this, however, he smacks into a wall and starts crying saying that it was his fault Eren was dead (poor boy). His hysteria was interupted by Hannah, who was trying to revive Franz.

When Hannah saw Armin, she begged for help and that Franz wasn't breathing. Armin kept telling her that it was useless and that he couldn't take it anymore. The pain was too much. This is where the story switches to Mikasa, taking down a freaky abnormal Titan who was running like Jack Sparrow towards a group of people whose evacuation was delayed due to a rich bastard who thought his valuables were more important than their lives. Mikasa, being the badass that she is, threatens to kill the man if he did not let everyone through. When she was getting praised by a soldier about her kill, Mikasa started to have a flashback about the day her life changed forever.

The flashback starts 6 years before the current events and it shows Mikasa in her cabin house doing embroidery with her mother. When her mom says that Mikasa should show this style of embroidery to her children, Mikasa asked her parents how did she make a child. Since both her parents were a bit hazy on the details, they decided to ask Dr. Jaeger when he arrived that day. All of a sudden, they hear a knock on the door and Mikasa's father goes to see who it was, thinking it was the doctor. Then we see Dr. Grisha and his son, Eren Jaeger waiting for the door to open and his father was telling him to make friends with Mikasa because there weren't many kids in that area. Eren tells his father that their friendship depended on what she was like and Grisha said that it was that kind of attitude that only got him one friend (i suppose its Armin). Since no one opened the door and it was apparently unlocked, Grisha went in only to be shocked at what he saw: Mikasa's parents, dead on the ground.

Apparently, they had been dead for hours and the girl was nowhere to be found. Grisha told Eren to wait for him at the base of the mountain while he went to get the Military Police to request a search for Mikasa. The episode then switches to another house where we see Mikasa tied up on the ground and two men were debating on whether they should sell her or not because she was not a pure-blood Oriental. When one of the men said that the mother was the one they wanted, the other one said that he had no choice but to kill her because she was resisting and that's when they hear the door to the room open. Eren showed up and said that he got lost in the woods, hiding a knife behind his back.

When one of the men said that they were gonna take care of him, Eren stabbed him with the knife, killing him instantly and shut the door. The other man ran after Eren, saying that he was gonna pay for that only to have Eren stab him with a knife tied to the end of a broom and repeatedly until the man could "never stand up again". When Eren cut Mikasa's rope, she told him that there were three men in total and that's when the third one came in. Just when Eren was about to grab the knife, the man grabbed him by the neck, wanting to choke him. Eren told Mikasa to fight to live instead of giving up just to die and after a realization, Mikasa transformed into the one we know today and killed the man with a stab through the back right into the heart.

When the Military Police arrived, Grisha told Eren to care about himself a little bit more only to have Eren say that all he cared about was finding Mikasa as soon as possible and saving her. Mikasa then told the doctor that she was cold and that she had nowhere to go, resulting in Eren giving her his scarf (so thats where that thing comes from! :D) and Grisha telling her to go live with them. Mikasa then thanked them and Eren told her that it was time for them to go home, making her feel like part of the family instantly. The episode then switches back to the present day and ends with Mikasa going off to kill more Titans and says to herself that as long as Eren was with her, she could do anything.


Sorry this is late but I decided to conclude reviews with a rating ^.^. So this episode was really good in terms of getting more information on Mikasa's past. It followed the manga perfectly and I really admire the fact that the producers of the anime are doing events in chronological order instead of going back and forth like in the manga. Comparing last week's episode with this one, they managed to fit this flashback in quite nicely. This has got to be one of the most inspiring episode I've ever seen so i give this episode 5 Stars ^.^