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    I've thought about the subject of publication with chapters and with the anime for quite a bit, and from what I can see, it looks like the anime will end up with 3 seasons, and the manga will end up with 100 chapters. It should finish being written somewhere from 2017 to possibly up to February 2018.

    This was based off of statistics based off of when the first chapter was released, September 2009, comparing it to Chapter 50, which was published in September 2013. Comparing to that, the series should end in the 2017 arena, but if the chapters continue to strictly be released monthly, then that's what would calaculate to february 2018 if there are meant to be 100 Chapters in the end.

    Why am I saying 100 Chapters? Hajime Isayama's editor stated…

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    I heard that this might've been shown at the end of the second recap movie, but here we have, with voice acting, a release (might be a leak) of anime content where Hange talks to Nick on the wall... man it is real.

    That's probably just about the very beggining of the episode. :D

    I notice that the BGM it's playing isn't from Season 1's soundtrack, so I'm sure another soundtrack is confirmed.

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    July 29, 2015 by Honey Pie

    I'm hyped as heck for all this stuff that takes forever to come out, dammit!

    Season 2, the next chapter, who the hell the Beast is, and also Steins;Gate Zero!

    Great, just wanted to share. :P

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