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    August 19, 2013 by IIPKII

    This topic is all about the whereabouts of Titan Shifters, The Wall Cult & The APE Titan and some other little facts to be looked onto.

    1.  First one is, Under who's order are Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhardt & Berthold Fubar obeying? Since the time Reiner and Berthold successfully captured Eren and Ymir. They would always think of what had happened 5 years ago, of course, as Eren's doing he's usual yappin'. (To think does this have anything to do with Grisha Jaeger or with The Wall Cult?). Also, to think, it was Ymir who noticed that Berthold & Reiner were shocked after seeing the APE Titan. Could it be that it was The APE Titan giving the orders? And what's with Ymir not remembering what happened in her past since she have lived her whole life …

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