Warning Spoiler Alert: This wikia contains details about future plotlines described in the manga. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

This topic is all about the whereabouts of Titan Shifters, The Wall Cult & The APE Titan and some other little facts to be looked onto.

  1.  First one is, Under who's order are Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhardt & Berthold Fubar obeying? Since the time Reiner and Berthold successfully captured Eren and Ymir. They would always think of what had happened 5 years ago, of course, as Eren's doing he's usual yappin'. (To think does this have anything to do with Grisha Jaeger or with The Wall Cult?). Also, to think, it was Ymir who noticed that Berthold & Reiner were shocked after seeing the APE Titan. Could it be that it was The APE Titan giving the orders? And what's with Ymir not remembering what happened in her past since she have lived her whole life outside the walls for 60/70 years as said in the trivia under Ymir's profile. Come to think of it, its pretty convincing Ymir has more knowledge than all Titan Shifters and it's also possible that the Ape Titan and Ymir had seen each other countless of times as she "lived" outside the walls. Normally as seen to Eren when he shifted into a titan and begun attacking Mikasa at the retrieval operation earlier in the series. Eren at first cannot control his titan form. But for Ymir who lived outside the walls and probably shifted as many times as needed still cannot control her titan form, but, when Ymir desperately protected her friends at castle utgard she was conscious while fighting and yet she cannot remember her past and the mere fact that  she ate Berik! Hmmm??? . . . 
  1. Second one is, Have you ever thought of why would Wall Rose have titans inside? If humans were able to build such walls. Could it be that they have found out a way of making the titans weak or if possible to control them? Not to mention that the walls were built before the invention of the 3DMG and this was 100 years ago before the story started. I could remember Irvin saying "Who do you think the enemy is?" to Eren. It came to mind, Who are those in knowledge of these things and how much knowledge do they posess? It could be The Wall Cult, but of course there is this particular reason why i think the military knows something else not known to the majority of their members.
  1. Third one is, The Diary of a Scouting Legion member. Who else remember the chapter wherein a member of the scouting legion was running away into the forest while writing in her book every detail of her escape from being eaten by the titans? While heading inside the forest she stumbled on a titan who's going to eat her and before that the titan did something very suspiscious as it spoke! Although an ordinary titan it said, " Ymir Sama". Come think of it. This whereabout is connect to the first one of this list. It's pretty obvious now Ymir is lying about not remembering anything while living beyond the walls her almost entire life. And also this discovery is known to Hanji, Levi & Irvin. Do they know even more than this? Well, we'll see it on the next episodes and/or chapters to come. And much to our surprise, The book, of which was in the posession of the Scouting Legion, probably, Hanji & Levi states every detail but still Ymir got inside the army.
  1. Lastly, I want to know what other people think about what i said. Hmm . . . . i'm hoping to get positive feedback from others, Hahahahaha! Feel free to correct me at some points. :))