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  • Jo4n

    On the Vandalism Yesterday

    July 17, 2013 by Jo4n

    Let's start off with thank you to all of the registered users and anons who were busy yesterday trying to undo all of the misleading edits.  It is extremely wonderful that there are people who do monitor this wiki to correct mistakes even though no one has told them that they needed to.  XGlass and I, along with other wiki readers, are very glad that you try so hard to make this wiki a better place.

    However, there are some organized people who do, in the name of fun or any other reason, purposely change the information on this wiki to be incorrect, lewd, etc., etc.  No matter the reasoning, the rules on this wiki are very clear about what is and what is not permissible.  If you disagree, then I am sorry, but you should not be on a wiki that…

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  • Jo4n

    Female Hanji Zoe

    June 12, 2013 by Jo4n

    For a while now, as many editors to this wiki have noticed, the gender of Hanji Zoe has been called into question.  Although she appears to be female, the fact that Isayama Hajime refused to clarify means that the gender has been thrown into ambiguity.  I don't read as much manga or watch as much anime as many of you reading this do. But I am able to usually identify a character as male or female when I see one and that is normally the case for everyone else.

    If Isayama had answered or the question had never been brought up, I would think that most people would be satisfied with Hanji as a female. However, this reality is not meant to be and a war of large proportions is being waged.

    Having so many passionate people for both female and amb…

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  • Jo4n

    Mikasa and Titans

    May 27, 2013 by Jo4n

    I'm jumping on the create-your-blog bandwagon here because I want to discuss Shingeki no Kyojin too!

    So anyways, I have to say that episode 8 is deeply satisfying. My favorite moment in this entire series occurred when Mikasa finally found Eren.  She is so happy and the way that the drama plays out in the anime is exceptional with the slow buildup before the sweet music plays that somehow makes you feel that everything will be fine.  Well, after Mikasa is finished butchering anyone dumb enough to attack Eren. 

    But yeah, when I first read the manga side of this event, I couldn't understand the sound effects and that kind of ruined the experience.  But hearing Mikasa cry out in relief and joy, of all the different emotions made me extremely sa…

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  • Jo4n

    The Colossal Titan Debate

    April 29, 2013 by Jo4n

    I would like to start and thank all the people who come to this wiki and are motivated enough to talk about potential changes to the site.  I am speaking to both sides of the present argument that Bertholdt Fubar's page contains a very large spoiler, namely, (and for those of you who do not like to be spoiled, don't read any further (: ) that Bertholdt Fubar is the Colossal Titan.

    Whatever your stance on the issue is, please realize that this wiki cannot be the perfect library of information, capable of reading the minds of every person who has read this series and creating a perfect forum for discussion based on each individual's knowledge.  In other words, we cannot base this wiki's information on how far along every person is in the seri…

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  • Jo4n

    Ok, so the forum is not working as I want it to where people can actually post something and we can discuss the topic at hand.  I'll work on that later, but for now, what should happen to the Colossal and Armored titan pages now that their human forms (Bertholdt Fubar and Reiner Braun) have been revealed.

    I would like everyone's opinion on this because it is important for the wiki and will probably establish a precedent for such events in the future.  Thank you.

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