Hi everyone, I  was wondering about your opinions concerning recent manga chapters.  As everyone knows, Shingeki no Kyojin is an ongoing manga series (but soon to have an anime and live-action movie!). 

So, I was thinking about holding off updating the wiki site as soon as a manga chapter comes in and is translated.  That way, people can come in and read the summaries without worriying too much about the most current spoiler. 

I know that we already warn people about spoilers in the main page of the wiki, but I do not want to potenitally deprive people of the excitement and intrigue that comes in reading the manga, as the action unfolds.

However, these are only my thoughts and unless everyone reading this agrees, means little.  So I leave it up to you-maybe we can hold off edits for a week until after a chapter comes in or not.  It is each your own decision in the end.  :)