For a while now, as many editors to this wiki have noticed, the gender of Hanji Zoe has been called into question.  Although she appears to be female, the fact that Isayama Hajime refused to clarify means that the gender has been thrown into ambiguity.  I don't read as much manga or watch as much anime as many of you reading this do. But I am able to usually identify a character as male or female when I see one and that is normally the case for everyone else.

If Isayama had answered or the question had never been brought up, I would think that most people would be satisfied with Hanji as a female. However, this reality is not meant to be and a war of large proportions is being waged.

Having so many passionate people for both female and ambiguous is truly heartening as quite ironically, people will talk and foster discussion. However, this is starting to get out of hand and the validity of the Hanji Zoe page is under constant back-and-forth edits. Make no mistake, I have no quarrel with people expressing their opinions on the talk pages or forums of this wiki.

Yet, people have begun to constantly change the Hanji page with no evidence other than this devil's proof that has become so widespread. I must ask all anons to either become registered users and carry out a meaningful conversation with the rest of the wiki or else be unable to edit Hanji Zoe's page. With the recommendation of XGlass (when he comes) and if this war continues, I will put Hanji's page under protection if her page simply becomes a substitute for her talk page.

Thank you for your cooperation.