I'm jumping on the create-your-blog bandwagon here because I want to discuss Shingeki no Kyojin too!

So anyways, I have to say that episode 8 is deeply satisfying. My favorite moment in this entire series occurred when Mikasa finally found Eren.  She is so happy and the way that the drama plays out in the anime is exceptional with the slow buildup before the sweet music plays that somehow makes you feel that everything will be fine.  Well, after Mikasa is finished butchering anyone dumb enough to attack Eren. 

But yeah, when I first read the manga side of this event, I couldn't understand the sound effects and that kind of ruined the experience.  But hearing Mikasa cry out in relief and joy, of all the different emotions made me extremely satisfied. 

But now I have to complain to Isayama, if I could.  If you have not caught up to the manga and would not like to be spoiled, please avert your eyes!

After episodes of humans being put down and eaten like nothing, it really does make you feel good to see the rogue titan, *SPOILER* Eren punch their stupid jaw off of their face.  Don't get me wrong, I like 3DMG, but having a human bound titan with deadly hand-to-hand combat finally take the titans down a peg?  Priceless.

But why is this the only time that Eren goes into kick ass mode against this common scum?  He fights the female type and he fights the Armored Titan, but I'm talking about cage fight, humanity rah-rah matches!  It would be so great to see Eren go like episode 8 again, but oh well, the Mikasa moment is nice.

Well, that's my rant.  Hope you enjoyed it and stuff, have a good day!